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Back again.

Here are some speed tests for the Cyrix 486 clipon attachment.
Note that the tests are not done ON a bridgeboard, but the potential
for bridgeboard owners is a real one.  A rumor on CSAEmulations
says that people have run the clipon on a C= bridgeboard with no

I'll pretty much quote what he sent me verbatim.  Take it away,

[Begin quote]

 Landmark 2.0
 PC Magazine 7.0
 I don't know if there are any copyright crap with PC Magazine's benchmark
 program but I'm sure Landmark is OK.
 The Landmark benchmark is a little archaic in how it measures performance
 but here it is:

 Model 70 with Cyrix              Model 70
 112 Mhz AT  287 5Mhz             24 Mhz AT with no mathco

 Sensing processor came up with this

 486 14.092                       386 19.971
 PC Magazine Benchmarks looked like this.

 Cyrix 70                     Model 70

  40228                        15703      16bit Prot.Mode Small Mix pass/sec
  57431                        18087      16bit Real Mode Small Mix pass/sec
    104                         76.2      16bit Prot.Mode Stand. Mix pass/sec
    120                         85.7      16bit Real Mode Stand. Mix pass/sec
 329.86                       163.49      Floating Point Emulation ops/sec

 Memory Timings - Not sure if this is influenced by the processor upgrade
 but they are different, so I'll list them.

 1048576                     1048576      Memory Test Start Address (decimal)
 6549504                     4452352      Memory Test End Address (decimal)

    3700                        1322      Ext Mem 8-bit Read Kbytes/sec
    4634                        1864      Ext Mem 8-bit Write Kbytes/sec
    7343                        2637      Ext Mem 16-bit Read Kbytes/sec
    9179                        3729      Ext Mem 16-bit Write Kbytes/sec
   14464                        5245      Ext Mem 32-bit Read Kbytes/sec
   18358                        7343      Ext Mem 32-bit Write Kbytes/sec

 String Sort and Move Test was not run
 Prime Number Sieve was not run
 Math Coprocessor was not run

 I did not include Graphics and Hard drive timings because the 70-Cyrix
 had a Reply-Cirrus SuperVGA card and is much faster than the standard
 VGA the machine comes with.  If you want the hard drive timings and
 need the graphics and 3 excluded tests run mail me a message back.
 The Hard-drive timings take a while and the machines I am testings
 use very slow IDE hard drives that rate around 800 or less Kbytes/sec.

 [End quote: Thanks Shane!]

Just to clarify: The stock Model 70 was a 386/20 with 4 megs RAM,
while the "Cyrix 70" had the replacement 486sx and 6 megs.

Emplant updates:  First off, V3.7 of the Emplant Mac software is
apparently available, fixing some FPU routines and perhaps a few
other bugs.  Emplant Mac is now MMU-independent, and has been
for a few revisions.  On the personal side, UU informs me that
my board was shipped UPS Blue 2 day on Tuesday, meaning
that I can expect it Thursday.  You'll find out next week, and
I'll find out tomorrow.

Also next week, look for the most complete list of emulators ever
to grace these pages (and probably many others), thanks to
a lot of help from Angelo Carpi, another emulation maniac.

Until next week...keep the emulators warm.