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%% The Editor's Desk                                    By Robert Glover %%

To all of you who have put in requests to be 'official' Amiga Report
Distribution Sites... if you don't see your systems listed yet, please be
patient.  I've been swamped with requests and just haven't had time to
get them into the magazine.  One thing that would help immensly is if you
would format them the way you see the current sites listed.  Some requests
lack information -- BBS software being used, location of system (city,
state), and so on.

It wouldn't be so bad if I weren't working 55+ hours a week.  It's driving
me nuts because I don't have nearly enough time to spend at my Amiga!  Hope-
fully, my hours will change for the better over the next month or so, and I
can finally put more time into the magazine -- like have longer editorials!
For now, this is it.  I get all of my good ideas at work, and can never
remember any of them by the time I get home.  Ugh.

                     Rob @ AR                           |/
                                                        @ @