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%% CD32 Titles Spot Review                               By Sean Caszatt %%
%%                                                        (40:800/910.0) %%

Here's my personal opinion on the CD32 titles I've seen so far:
(by "seen", I mean "sat down and played for a while")  

Ratings: (*****) = best   (*) = worst

OSCAR - nice platform game, with really good parallel scrolling.  Some of the
screens are too "busy", and it's hard to see what you're doing with all the
stuff in the background.  Well done, though, and just as good as Sonic and the
Mario games.  (****)

PINBALL FANTASIES - not exactly the most eye-catching game, but it is
undeniably the most addictive game I've ever played.  You know it's addictive
when you're hitting the start button for that "just one more time" for about
an hour.  Great CD sound on this one.  (*****)

SLEEPWALKER - I didn't like it on the Amiga, and I still don't like it on the
CD32.  It's not my type of game at all.  It's really "different", but contrary
to what some think...different isn't always good.  The graphics are not much,
and the gameplay is lousy.  Good thing it's free with the console, because
it's not worth buying.  (*)

CASTLES II - A strategy game for those that like medieval stuff.  The graphics
are good and the CD sound in the intro is spectacular.  
It seems like a game one could get wrapped up in, but it's hampered by the
CD32's controller.  This was a game meant for a computer with a mouse, not a
game console with a keypad controller.  I didn't try plugging in a mouse on
the 2nd port.  It may help...but still... (** 1/2)

LIBERATION - A definite cool game!  3D texture mapped graphics and a large
world to roam about in make this a game worthy of the CD32 and vice versa.  It
has a lot of options and is very open-ended.  A lot of fun to explore and get
lost in.  Not a game that one can start playing in two seconds, but one that
you grow into and don't grow out of.  Really good!  (*****)

WHALE'S VOYAGE - Another crap Amiga game trying to milk the CD32 market for
some sales.  The game is not worth buying for any system.   Avoid at all costs
and at any price.  (no stars)

DEEP CORE - Adequate shoot-em-up with a lot of stuff to blow up.  Nothing
original, just mindless destruction.  Good for what it is.  Nothing special in
the graphics department.  (The intro sequence doesn't not appear to be
converted from PAL to NTSC, so it jumps and flickers...kind of annoying, but
still quite readable and does not affect the game.)  (***)

ROBOCOD: JAMES POND 2 - More platform action.  A lot cleaner display wise than
OSCAR, but not quite as frantic and fun.  Very nice graphics and sound.

TROLLS - Another platform game.  A little more frantic than OSCAR and a little
more annoying.  So, it balances out.  The graphics are colorful and the sound
is good.  Nothing better than a 16 bit console though, so not really worth it,
if you have OSCAR already.  (Their practically the same game.)  (***)

ZOOL - The Amiga's Sonic beater comes to the CD32.  A really cool 3D rendered
Zool character is featured in the intro...and that's where the differences
stop.  If you've seen ZOOL AGA on the A1200 or A4000, then you've seen this
game.  Nothing fascinating...just solid play.  I prefer OSCAR as platforms go.

NIGEL MANSELL'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RACING - A solid race game.  Much improved
over the A1200 version of the game in an intangible way.  I didn't enjoy the
Amiga version of this game at all for some reason.  The CD32 version is good,
solid fun.  The game is fast, easy to control and a lot of fun.  The graphics
are quite good, and the sound is fair (what do you what from a racing game?) 
Solid entertainment. (*** 1/2)

D/GENERATION - A novel puzzle/maze/shoot-em-up.  Unfortunately, the graphics
are on a par with the old 8-bit NES console and not a 32-bit CD-ROM based
system.  The gameplay is good, but the graphics are a real letdown.  (**)

ARABIAN NIGHTS - Yet another damn platform game.  Annoying and not really any
good.  There's nothing to stand it apart from the other platform games on this
system other than maybe the price.  It's cheaper than the others, but
remember, you get what you pay for.  (**)

So far, these are the ones I've played.  Far and away the most addicting game
is PINBALL FANTASIES.  It's one of the most fun games I've played on any
system ever.  But, it comes with the machine in the US/Canada release of the
console, and what's going to have to sell the machine are the OTHER titles. 
Right now, LIBERATION and OSCAR are the only other two titles I'd buy.  (Maybe