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%% CD Platform Comparison                                  By Harv Laser %%
%%                                                 ( %%

This is a re-type of a two page chart labelled "Comparisons of CD
Platforms" which was contained in a press kit sent to me (prior
to Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Jan 6-9, 1994) by the
public relations firm who is handling CD32 for Commodore. I have
attempted to be as accurate as possible when typing in this chart.
Any typing errors are mine.


Features    Amiga CD32     3DO      SegaCD      CD-I     Jaguar
Suggested retail
price       $399           $699    #$129+223    $499    #$249+200
Bus width   Dual 32bit     32bit    Dual 16     16 bit   Single 64 bit
                                    bit                  w/16 & 32 bit

Bus         Yes            Partial  Partial     Partial  Partial
            audio, video)

Micro processor, graphics
and audio
processors  68EC020/14    ARM/12Mhz 2x68000/    68340/   68000/13.3Mhz
            Mhz (32 bit)  (32 bit)  12Mhz       16Mhz    (16 bit)
                                    (32 bit)    (16 bit)

            Sprite         2 video              *MPEG    GPU (64 bit)
            Engine 64      animation             de-compression
            pixels wide    processors            engine
            (32 bits)      (32 bits)

            Graphic        DMA engine                    Object Processor
            co-proc.       (32 bit)                      Blitter (64 bit)
            (16/32 bit)

            Audio engine   Audio DSP                     DSP (32 bit)
            4-voice        (32 bit)
            (16 bit)

            *MPEG video
            engine 40 MHz

            *MPEG audio
            DSP (24 bit)
            28 Mhz

Processor acceleration
capability    Yes          No       No          No       No

Internal Expansion
slot          Yes          No       No          No       Yes

Async serial port/High speed
auxiliary serial
port          Yes/Yes      No/Yes   No/No       Yes/Yes  Yes/No

Memory        2 MB RAM     3 MB     .128 MB     1 MB     2 MB

Chips         4            2        3           2        2

Video overlay genlock
support       Yes          No       No          No       No

ROM cart      No           No       Yes         No       Yes
              CD-ROM       CD-ROM   16 bit      CD-ROM   32 bit
              based        based                based
Screen resolution
              Up to        Up to    320x224     384x280  768x512
              1280x512     640x480

Colors        256/256,000/ 66536/   64/512      256,000/ 16.7 million
              16.7 mill.   16.7 mil.            16.7 mil.

Sound         16-bit       16-bit   16-bit      16-bit    16-bit
              CD stereo    CDstereo CD stereo   CD Stereo CD Stereo
              + 4-voice 8bit                    *MPEG CD
              * MPEG CD
              16 bit stereo

CD-ROM        2x speed     2x speed 1x speed    1x speed Planned

Hardware video
decompress    Yes, HAM8 &  Planned  No          *Yes     Planned
              *MPEG-1                           MPEG-1

[tm]          Planned      Yes      No          Yes      Planned

* With MPEG full motion video module
# Base system, plus CD add-on