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%%                              Reader Mail                              %%

*** Area: NET_1_285_11                            Date:  3 Jan 94 16:41:00
*** From: Rick Ethridge (1:285/11.0)
*** To  : Robert Glover (1:285/11.11)
*** Subj: AmigaWorld Complaint

I've had problems attempting to send a subscription payment to AmigaWorld. 
The first payment was sent by regular mail (money order). My subscription was
cancelled for non-payment without notice. I resent payment by REGISTERED MAIL
followed up THREE WEEKS LATER by a phone call to IDG's 800 number. All we got
was the run-around. It seems that we're small fry to this large conglomerate
publishing operation! If you would, please try to intercede or put a "blurb"
in an upcoming AmigaReport. With your on-line mag as informative as it is, 
maybe I should cancel payment on the last money order and send the money to