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%% The Editor's Desk                                    By Robert Glover %%

Welcome to the new year!  I hope 1994 will be as good a year for the Amiga
as was 1993.  If all goes well, we should see another chipset generation
from Commodore, and at least one new machine utilizing that chipset.  The
AAA design should prove to be one of the greatest computer achievments in
a long time, and should finally bring the Amiga back up to snuff with its
PC contenders.

As you may have noticed, the look of AR has changed a little.  We've done
this to freshen things up a bit, as well as break into new ground in a
few areas, and get rid of some of the excess fluff that was left around for
the few people that don't like AmigaGuide.  That's all gone, as we'll be
100% AmigaGuide from now on.  You, the readers wanted it, and you got it!

                     Rob @ AR                           |/
                                                        @ @