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(This one comes from Rob Furr (R.FURR@GENIE.GEIS.COM) from the Usenet
 newsgroup, rec.humor)

Hi there!

Do you, like many other computer users around the world, have large,
combustible wads of money in your pockets? Do you find writing all those
pesky zeroes down in your bank book tedious? Would you like to lose
$1,000? $25,000? even $50,000? Think it's impossible?

Well, it's not! Anybody can lose AS MUCH MONEY AS HE OR SHE LIKES, and
faster than anyone could imagine!

Five years ago, I was rich. I had money in high-yield investment
securities, stocks, municipal bonds. Two cars sat in my garage, and I was
in the highest income tax bracket possible. Then, one day, I discovered
the secret of how to LOSE MONEY FAST, and it changed my life. Now, I am
living in one small room of a second-story apartment in the second-oldest
apartment building in Durham, and I'm working as a temp at eight dollars
an hour, with no health or vacation benefits.

Sounds good, doesn't it? Read on, and you'll find out how YOU can LOSE

The first step in LOSING MONEY FAST is deciding HOW much money YOU want
to lose. Do you want to lose $1,000? Or do you want to go all the way and
drop $50,000? It's up to you! Take a piece of paper and write down YOUR
personal loss target. Take that number to a local graphic designer, and
have him or her create a really nifty-looking design for that logo, in
four-color seperations, with gold foil highlights. After you have your
Loss Target in hand, take it to a framing studio, and get a cool-looking
frame, maybe in with anodized black trim.  Once you've got it all framed
and nice-looking, PUT IT ON YOUR WALL, and be proud! You've just lost UP
TO $500! That's right! By this time, you're already down FIVE HUNDRED
DOLLARS, and that's only the BEGINNING! There's even BIGGER losses on the

The real secret of LOSING MONEY FAST is in VOLUME. Don't think about
losing money a few bucks at a time, think of losing money HUNDREDS OF
DOLLARS at a time. Here's how: Go to your bank or savings and loan, and
withdraw an amount of money equal to your Loss Target. If you don't have
that much in liquid assets, try selling your car, or even an organ or
two. Ask for the money in small denominations, preferably dollar bills.

Then, go down to your local post office and ask about the rules and
regulations governing mass mailings. Get a number of envelopes equal to
your Loss Target, address them to OCCUPANT, and put a dollar bill inside
each and every envelope. Then, take them down to your local post office,
and send them off! You've just LOST BIG BUCKS! And it's NOT TAX
DEDUCTIBLE! That's the danger in OTHER lose-money schemes...many of them
are tax deductible, and some can even qualify you for charitable awards!
But not LOSE.MONEY.FAST, because YOU cut out the middleman! YOUR money
goes DIRECT from you to OTHER PEOPLE! No receipts! No records! Nothing
except the thrill of seeing your bank account dwindle!

Here are a few comments by happy people who have LOST MONEY FAST!:

Mr. D. Terwilliger, of Pismo Beach, CA.: "I never thought I could lose
money so fast, or so easily. The cash just seemed to vanish. It was
exciting, and I got rid of all my money. I can't recommend

Ms. R.Swathmire, of Springview, VA: "Thank you for telling me how to LOSE
MONEY FAST. I used to have to sweat through bank statements, credit
reports, and dividend checks. Now, I don't have to worry about any of

Mr. R.Cherminski, of Seattle, WA: "It's such a relief not to have to
worry about my money any more. It's so different, now, I don't have a
care in the world, and it's all thanks to LOSE.MONEY.FAST."

Take advantage of this new and exciting concept in fiscal management, and

*as used by the U.S. Government.