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/// AMIGA 3000 Megademo/Eurodemo Compatibility List -- 12/27/93
    By Randy Abel

GROUP               |TITLE                            |A3000
23 Celsius Crew     |Inside Anarchy                   |Just Boot-minor probs
Abyss               |Monalisa was a Man               |Relokick
Accession           |Sun Wind                         |Relokick
Adict               |Mayday Resistance                |NOPE
Aesthetica          |Ivy & Chrome                     |Just Boot
AGOA                |First Think                      |Just Boot
Alcatraz            |Megademo III                     |Relokick-crashes
Alcatraz            |Megademo IV                      |NOPE -A500
Alcatraz            |Memorial Songs                   |Just Boot
Alcatraz            |Museum                           |Degrader
Alcatraz            |Odyssey (5 disks)                |Just Boot
Alcatraz            |Stop Facism                      |Relokick
Alchemy             |Deliverance                      |Just Boot
Alchemy             |Digital Innovation               |Degrader
Aliens              |Breed disk #3                    |Just Boot
Aliens              |Space Music Disk Vol #2          |Just Boot
Alliance Design     |Arkham Asylum                    |Just Boot-minor probs
Analog              |Dyspepsia                        |NOPE
Analog              |Megademo                         |Degrader
Anarchy             |3D Demo (2 disks)                |NOPE
Anarchy             |3D Demo II                       |NOPE
Anarchy             |DejaVu                           |NOPE -A500
Anarchy             |Flower Power                     |Relokick-minor probs
Anarchy             |In The Kitchen                   |Relokick-crashes
Anarchy             |Krestmass Leftovers              |Degrader
Anarchy             |Seeing is Believing              |Degrader
Andromeda           |Decaying Paradise                |Degrader
Andromeda           |DOS                              |Degrader
Andromeda           |Mirror Music (2 disks)           |Just Boot
Andromeda           |Mind Riot                        |Just Boot-minor probs
Andromeda           |Multica                          |Degrader
Andromeda           |Point Blank                      |Degrader
Animators           |IRAC Demo                        |Relokick
Angels              |Sunrise                          |Just Boot
Anthox              |Demo Compilation                 |NOPE
Arcadia Team        |Megademo I                       |Relokick-minor prob
Arise & Drinks      |40K Tracktro                     |NOPE
Austex              |Genesis                          |Degrader
Avenger             |Megademo                         |Degrader
Awesone & SDC       |Termintor 2 slideshow            |Degrader
Balance             |Lost World                       |Relokick
Balance             |Sound Barrier                    |Just Boot
Balance             |Zoom Parallax Demo               |Just Boot
Bass                |Megademo II                      |Degrader
Beastie Boys        |Megademo I                       |Degrader
Blaze               |Overvision                       |NOPE -A500
Brainstorm          |Musicland                        |Just Boot
Brainstorm          |Musicland II                     |Just Boot
Bud Brains          |Megademo I (2 disks)             |NOPE
Bud Brains          |Megademo II                      |NOPE
C&C                 |Aquarium Demo                    |Degrader
Caltec              |Musipics 10                      |Relokick (1,4,5)
Caltec              |Musipics 10b                     |Relokick
Caltec              |Musipics 11                      |Relokick (2,4,5)
Caltec              |Musipics 13                      |Relokick (1-4)
Cannibals           |Misery                           |Just Boot
Caves               |It's So Cool                     |NOPE
Chaos-Corp          |Hot in the City                  |Degrader-some probs
Complex             |Delirius                         |Degrader-crashes
Complex             |Gospel-Karaoke                   |Relokick
Complex             |Paradigma                        |Just Boot
Complex             |Stateline                        |Just Boot
Complex             |Universal Intensity              |Degrader
Crass               |Anarchy Inc.                     |NOPE
Crass               |Digital Complexity               |Degrader
Crass-Gothic Void   |Perehelion                       |Degrader-crashes
Creator             |Strange Features                 |Degrader
Crionics            |Megademo                         |Degrader (1&3)
Crionics            |Neverwhere                       |NOPE
Crionics            |Total Destruction                |Degrader-crashes
Crusaders           |Audio X                          |Degrader-some probs
Crusaders           |Bacteria                         |Degrader
Crusaders           |Freekd Out                       |Degrader
Crusaders           |Selector Pack 29                 |Relokick-some crash
Crusaders           |Sweet Music                      |Just Boot
Crusaders           |Tuff Enuf                        |NOPE
Cryptoburners       |Megademo II                      |NOPE
Cryptoburners       |Revelations Slideshow            |Relokick
Cult                |Kefmania (2 disks)               |Degrader
Cyberiad            |Great Bytes                      |Just Boot
Cycron              |Musical Massacre                 |Degrader
Da Movement         |Cooky                            |Relokick
Darkness            |Megademo                         |Degrader
Deathstar           |Megademo I (2 disks)             |Degrader-crashes
Decay               |Simpsons Demo                    |Degrader
Devils              |Colors                           |Just Boot
Devils              |Party Cocktail #1                |Degrader
Devils              |Party Cocktail #2                |Degrader
Dexion              |Megademo I                       |Relokick-some probs
Dexion              |Megademo II                      |Degrader
Digital             |Day of Reckoning                 |NOPE -A500
Digital             |Dream Tripping                   |NOPE -A500
Digital             |Magnetic Dreams                  |NOPE -A500
Digital             |Lethal Exit                      |Degrader
Divina              |Technofright                     |Degrader
DMOB                |Lame D'Mo                        |NOPE
Dominators          |Golf War                         |NOPE -A500
Dragons             |Megademo I                       |NOPE
Dream Dealers       |Megademo II                      |Degrader
Drix                |Megademo II                      |Relokick
Dual Crew           |Brain Drain                      |NOPE -A500
Dual Crew           |Finlandia (3 disks)              |Degrader
Dual Crew           |Megademo                         |NOPE
E.T.                |Hartcore                         |Just Boot
E.T.                |NTSC - Demo                      |Just Boot
EMT Designs         |Heliopolis                       |Just Boot
Encore              |Digital Surgery                  |Degrader-some probs
E.O.C. 1999         |Megademo II                      |Just Boot-gfx probs
Energy              |Wasted Time II                   |Degrader
Epsilon Designs     |Nervous Breakdown                |NOPE
Exit                |Exit Demo                        |Relokick
Extacy              |Transfusion                      |Degrader
Exterminators       |Demo Pack 1                      |Relokick
Fairlight/Virt Drms |242                              |Relokick
Fairlight           |Illusion                         |Relokick
FI-RE Crew          |FI-RE Land                       |Just boot-minor prob
The Flame Arrows    |Plasmutex                        |Degrader
Flash Productions   |Danish Know-how                  |NOPE
Flash Productions   |Digital Concert II               |Degrader
Fraxion             |Revenge                          |Relokick
Freedom Force       |Megademo                         |Relokick
Freehand            |MC Hammer Mix                    |Degrader
Future Mirror       |Clasutrophobia                   |NOPE -A500
Future Vision       |Baby Coma 5                      |Relokick
Gate                |Bruno's Music Box II             |Relokick
Gate                |Megademo                         |Relokick
Gunnars Faruebio    |Megademo 4                       |NOPE
Half-Brain          |Sunstone (2 disks)               |Relokick
Hydra               |Synthetic Delight II             |Relokick
Ian 'N' Mic         |Megademo                         |Relokick
Infect              |Earwigg                          |NOPE
Infect              |Helter Skelter II                |Degrader
Infect              |Promotion                        |Just boot
Infect              |Utility Dream #0                 |Relokick
Investation         |Hydra                            |Relokick-crashes
Investation         |???                              |Degrader
IT                  |Megademo II                      |Relokick
JEDS                |Music Disk 1                     |Relokick
Jetset              |Over Loading                     |Degrader
JS                  |Innervision (2 disks)            |Just Boot
KGB                 |Hit Fido (2 disks)               |Relokick
KGB                 |Purple Brain                     |Relokick
Kefrens             |D.A.N.E.                         |Degrader
Kefrens             |D.A.N.E. Interal Exile           |Relokick-crashes
Kefrens             |Desert Dream (2 disks)           |Degrader
Kefrens             |Guardian Dragon 2 (2 disks)      |Degrader
Kefrens             |Interchange                      |Just Boot
Kefrens             |Kris Kros Sucks!                 |Just Boot
Kefrens             |Masterpieces Slideshow           |Degrader
Kefrens             |Megademo 7                       |Degrader
Kefrens             |Megademo 8 (2 disks)             |Degrader-some crash
Kefrens             |Multi-Mega Remix 2               |Degrader+no fast mem
Kefrens             |Powermunker                      |Relokick
Kefrens             |The Wall                         |Degrader
Kyd & Balle         |Cat Computer Club Demo           |NOPE
Lemon               |Groovy                           |Degrader
Lemon               |Rink Pink                        |NOPE
The Link            |Megademo                         |Relokick-crashes
LSD                 |Jesus on E (2 disks)             |Relokick
Lunatics            |Existro                          |Relokick
The Lync Crew       |Party Massacre                   |NOPE
Lynx                |AMFM2                            |Degrader
Mad Elks            |Technological Death              |Degrader
Majik 12            |Dance Diverse Vol 1              |Just Boot
Majik 12            |Ray of Hope II                   |Degrader
Mathic              |Mathic-The Demo (2 disks)        |Degrader
MDMA                |Unnatural High                   |Just Boot
Megawatts           |A Taste of U4ia                  |Just Boot
Megawatts           |Christmas 1991                   |Relokick
Megawatts           |Monolithe                        |Relokick
Melon Dezign        |Crayon Shinchan                  |Just Boot
Melon Dezign        |How to Skin a Cat                |Degrader
Melon Dezign        |Humanoid Target                  |Relokick
Melon Dezign        |Prism                            |Just Boot
Melon Dezign        |Romantic Demo                    |Degrader
Melon Dezign        |The S.O.S. Demo                  |Degrader-crashes
Mops                |Softwave                         |Degrader
The Nasty Boys      |Odessy                           |Relokick
Nation-X            |Lobotom                          |Relokick
Nerve Axis          |Demon's Rage                     |Degrader
Network/Flash Prod. |Just 4 Fun                       |Degrader-minor probs
New Wave            |Vector Up Your Ass               |Relokick
Nikki Corruptions   |Piece of Mind                    |Just Boot
Noice               |Reductio Ad Absurdum             |Relokick+hit return
North Star          |Metademo II                      |Degrader
North Star/Fairlight|Megademo III (2 disks)           |NOPE
Nuance              |Subtle Shades                    |Degrader
Old Bulls           |Fugazi (2 disks)                 |Degrader
Overkill            |The Traditional                  |Degrader
Ozone               |Shed Tears (2 disks)             |Degrader
Palace              |Pulling the Trigger              |Degrader-crashes
Panoramic Designs   |Megademo I                       |NOPE -A500
Panoramic Designs   |Never Again                      |NOPE
Panthorus           |Amos Megademo (2 disks)          |Relokick
Parallex            |Critical Mass (2 disks)          |Degrader-crashes
Paranoimia          |Party Demo                       |Relokick
Parasite            |Imperial Tunes 2-hit single      |Just Boot
Parasite            |The Four Seasons                 |Degrader
Parasite            |Megademo I                       |NOPE -A500
Parasite            |Zyclonium                        |NOPE
Paradise Productns  |Optimas Maximus (2 disks)        |NOPE -A500
Paradise Productns  |Virtual Meltdown (2 disks)       |Just Boot
Perspex             |Hypnosis                         |Just Boot
Phenomina           |Crystal Symphonies I             |NOPE
Phenomena           |Crystal Symphonies II            |Degrader
Phenomena           |Enigma                           |Degrader-minor prob
Phenomena           |Interspace                       |Degrader-some probs
Phenomena           |Megademo                         |Degrader-crashes
The Pornos          |Shave Off Your Mustache          |Just Boot-crashes
Powerslave          |Megademo I (2 disks)             |Relokick
Predators           |Megademo (2 disks)               |Degrader
Profecy             |Numeric Volume 3 (2 disks)       |NOPE
Pure Metal Coders   |Alpha & Omega                    |Relokick-crashes
Pure Metal Coders   |Alpha & Omega II (3 disks)       |Just Boot-crashes
Pygmy Projects      |Extension                        |Just Boot
Quadilyte           |C64 Demo                         |Degrader
Radar Contrast Prod.|Polytheism                       |Relokick
Rage                |Neural Assult                    |Just Boot
Razor 1911          |Voyage                           |NOPE
Rebels              |Advanced Disk Designs V1.0       |Relokick
Rebels              |Megablast                        |NOPE
Rebels              |Megademo                         |Relokick
Rebels              |Megademo II                      |Degrader-no fast mem
Red Sector          |Megademo (2 disks)               |Degrader-crashes
Reflect             |Sound Vision                     |Degrader
SAE                 |Amazing Tunes II (3 disks)       |Just Boot
Sagacity            |Abdomenizer                      |NOPE
Sanity              |Boggledop                        |Just Boot
Sanity              |Interference                     |Just Boot
Sanity              |Pygmie Projects 93               |Just Boot
Sanity              |World of Commodore               |NOOE -A500
Sargon              |Megademo II                      |Degrader-flakey
Scoopex             |2 Unlimited (2 disks)            |Degrader
Scoopex             |Beast Music                      |Relokick
Scoopex             |Laterna Magica                   |Just Boot
Scoopex             |Maxima                           |Just Boot
Scoopex             |Megademo                         |Degrader-some probs
Scoopex             |Mental Hangover                  |Degrader
Scoopex             |Pha Q                            |Degrader
SHITTS              |3 Day Hardcore                   |Just Boot+hit lmb
SHITTS              |Jesus on Cheese                  |Relokick
Silents & Crionics  |Hardwired (2 disks)              |NOPE
Silents             |Blues House (2 disks)            |NOPE
Silents             |Demon Download (2 disks)         |Degrader
Silents             |Enjoy the Silents                |Degrader
Silents             |Global Trash                     |Degrader
Silents             |ICE                              |Degrader
Silents             |Maximum Velocity                 |NOPE
Silents             |Megademo                         |Just Boot
Silents             |Static Change                    |Relokick
Silents             |Xpose (2 disks)                  |Just Boot-minor probs
Sim Productions     |Speed Demo (4 disks)             |Degrader
Skidrow             |Jetset                           |Degrader
SOC.Brigade         |Aabsolute!                       |Degrader
Solution            |Odeon (2 disks)                  |Degrader
Sonic               |Gastric Ulcer                    |Just Boot
Spaceballs          |Mobile Destination Unknown       |Degrader
Spaceballs          |Spaceball Demo                   |Degrader
Spaceballs          |Spasmolytic                      |Degrader
Spaceballs          |Wayfarer                         |Degrader
The Special Brothers|Maximum Overdrive (2 disks)      |Degrader
Split Dim./Caltec   |The Wall (6 disks)               |Just Boot
Stone Arts          |A Demo                           |Relokick
Sundell & Birk      |The 100 Most Remembered C64 Tunes|NOPE
Sunlight            |Megademo                         |Just Boot
Supreme             |Demo compilation                 |Just Boot-not #1
Syntex              |Aluminium                        |Just Boot
T.E.T.              |Melted Experience                |Degrader
Talent              |Q.E.D.                           |NOPE
Team 17             |Alien Breed                      |NOPE
Technoflight        |Ectoplasma                       |Degrader-crashes
Them                |Pixeled Pleasure                 |NOPE
Tilt                |Raytraced Dreams II              |Just Boot
Tom Soft            |Virtual World                    |Relokick
Trakers             |Dead or Precise                  |Degrader
Trash               |The Co-operatation BBS Intro     |Just Boot
Trash               |The Mouse that Ate the Cat       |NOPE
Triangle            |Gigademo II                      |Relokick
Triangle            |Gigademo III                     |NOPE
Triangle            |No More Vectors (2 disks)        |Degrader
Trilogy             |Gigademo (2 disks)               |NOPE
TRSI                |Ecliptica                        |NOPE
TRSI                |Wicked Sensation (2 disks)       |Just Boot
UDO                 |Vaginal Massacre                 |Degrader
Underwurlde         |Megademo                         |Just Boot
Union               |Hallucinations & Dreams (2 disks)|Degrader
Upfront             |Cool Fridge                      |NOPE
Upfront             |Plastic Passion                  |NOPE -A500
VARIOUS             |Corise-Far Beyond                |Just Boot
VARIOUS             |Demos of the World #52           |Relokick
VARIOUS             |Euro Demos 1                     |Degrader
VARIOUS             |Euro Demos 5                     |NOPE
VARIOUS             |Image                            |Degrader
VARIOUS             |Optical Illusion #1              |Relokick
VARIOUS             |Optical Illusion #6              |Degrader
VARIOUS             |Optical Illusion #7              |NOPE
Vectors             |Vectoria                         |Relokick
Vectra              |Amnesty                          |Degrader
Vectra              |Sinking Demand                   |Degrader
Violence            |Phon-O-Bomb                      |Degrader
Virt. Drms/Fairlite |Absolute Inebriation (2 disks)   |NOPE
Vision              |Megademo II                      |Relokick
Vision              |Megademo IV                      |Relokick
Wild Copper Crew    |Preview of Wild Copper Demo      |NOPE
Wildfire            |In Full Affect                   |Relokick
Wizzcat             |Trashcan                         |NOPE -A500
Xymox               |Wind It Up                       |Relokick
NOTES:  These demos were tested on my 25mhz A3000 with 2megs chip ram
        and 4megs fast ram.  I also have my system set to default to
        PAL mode (via jumper on the motherboard).

        Relokick -  This boots your A3000 in WB1.3.  This program loads
                    the kickstart 1.3 into different locations in memory
                    which tends to give different results even with the
                    same demo.
        (available on Aminet in utils/misc as kick13.dms)

        Degrader (version 1.3) - I use '50hz system', 'nocache',
                                       '1 meg chip','priviledged'
        (available on Aminet in utils/misc as degrader13.lzh)

        'NOPE' - This means I couldn't find a way to make the demo work.
                 By 'work' I mean that the majority of the demo works.

        '-A500' - I could not get this demo to work on my A500 either!
                  A500 configuration - 1meg agnus/no fast ram.

        The recommended boot method may not be the only way to get a
        demo to work but (in my opinion) is the best way/most compatible
        way to get the demo to work properly.
PLEASE!  If you have found a repeatable way to make any of the above
         'NOPE' demos work on your A3000 then let me know so that I
         can update this list.

Comments, suggestions, and additional information can be sent to: (Randy Abel)