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/// AR Questionnaire Results
    by Robert Niles (and Amiga Report)

Well the results are in, calculated and tabulated!!
First off, thanks to all of you who took the time to respond!
Everyone's response was insightful, and thought provoking!! I loved 
hearing from you all!

1.  How old are you?

We received a total of 168 replies. All percentages are based on this 

    < to 16 :  4%
   17 to 25 : 58%
   26 to 40 : 29%
   41 to >  :  8%
   No answer: <1%

2.  What AMIGA computers do you own?

Most people reported owning more than one Amiga. In fact, one person 
owned at least one of everything except for the A600. 

   A500   : 35%
   A600   :  1%
   A1000  : 11% 
   A1200  : 15%
   A1500  :  1%
   A2000  : 28%
   A3000  : 18%
   A3000UX:  1%
   A4000  : 21%
   CDTV   :  2%
   CD32   :  1%

3.  What other computers do you own?

Most people reported that they use a multitude of other computers at 
school or at work. Here we only report on the other platforms that 
they OWN. The percentages are low from a total of 168 people, as alot 
of people only own the Amiga.

   MS-DOS (AT/XT): 20%
   MAC           :  2%
   Apple         :  0%
   C64/128       : 13%
   Atari         : <1%
   Other         :  6%

4.  What other external peripherals do you have?

Now, of course, people own more than one of the items listed below. 
This makes the percentage count quite high. These figures are based on 
the total of 168 reponses. The 'OTHER' column seems to reflect music 
hardware the most, but various other things were included. I thought 
it was strange that people seem to be buying modems before they even 
think of buying a printer. 

    Modem   : 76%
    Printer : 56%
    Video   : 18%
    Other   : 21%
    CD-ROM  :  9%
    Tape/DAT:  7%

5.  What internal peripherals do you have? (modems, RAM, video, etc)

 Here again, it's the same as number 4 above. Basically a HardDrive 
and extra memory were important items to purchase. This seems to be 
quite different from a couple years back. The 'OTHER' column includes 
everything from serial cards to other not-so-common devices. The 'Gfx' 
column contains everything from display boards to items like the Video 

    HardDrive  : 78%
    Memory     : 78%
    Gfx        : 18%
    Accelerator: 23%
    Emulator   : 10%
    Network    :  2%
    Other      :  7%
    Modem (int):  2%

6.  What do you do for a living? (job, student, nothing, etc.)

Wow!! There's a wide range of people out there using the Amiga. I 
received responses from ALL over the world! I heard from students, 
writers, physicists, programmers, line production workers, Video 
production supervisors, and more!

7.  Do you use your Amiga in a business?

I thought it surprising, the amount of people who actually use the 
Amiga in some manner with their business. Although, the percentage 
wasn't high, it was higher than I expected.

    Yes      : 29%
    No       : 67%
    No answer:  4%

8.  What do you primarily use your Amiga for? (games, educational, 
    bbs, etc.)

This shows what you all are doing with your Amigas. ALOT of 
telecommunications out there. From BBS'es to Just chatting online.

    Online      : 55%
    Games       : 36%
    Productivity: 34%
    Graphics    : 20%
    Programming : 36%
    Education   :  8%
    Job         :  6%
    Other       :  5% 

9.  What would you really like to see made for the Amiga? Either, 
    hardware, software, etc.

OK, there were alot of requests, and ideas. I'll post the ones here 
that were asked for quite frequently.

  #1 - Good Productivity software. This was what the largest portion 
	  of the responses asked for. Better Word Processing, better 
	  Spreadsheets and Database programs..
  #2 - Cheap Networking capabilities. Even CBM's own networking                         
	  systems much like Apple has with AppleTalk.     
  #3 - RTG Graphics. 
  #4 - Commercial! Alot of people asked that CBM advertise the Amiga.
  #5 - 16bit Audio built into the Amiga.
  #6 - Cheaper peripherals - Quite a few people thought that add-ons 
	  for the Amiga were just too expensive compared to those found 
	  for MS-DOS.
  #7 - A Portable Amiga computer.
  #8 - RIP communications programs.
  #9 - PAL Video Toaster
 #10 - CD32 add-on for the A4000/A1200

10. Name one of your most liked pieces of Hardware that you have with 
    the Amiga.

  #1 - The MODEM. The simple things are liked the most.
  #2 - The HardDrive. Again!
  #3 - The Amiga computer
  #4 - Picasso II
  #5 - GVP's IOextender
  #6 - Video Toaster
  #7 - Extra RAM
  #8 - OpalVision
  #9 - Supraturbo 28
 #10 - Retina

11. Name one of your most liked pieces of software that you have with
    the Amiga.

It was good to see quite a few of the PD and SW programs in everyone's 
"favorite" list. There were many more, but I picked the ones mentioned 
the most. 

   #1 - SAS/C
   #2 - PageStream
   #3 - The Amiga Operating System
   #4 - Dir Opus
   #5 - Spot
   #6 - Terminus
   #7 - Term
   #8 - DICE
   #9 - Deluxe Paint IV
  #10 - Lightwave

12. Would you buy the CD^32?

Alot of people still undecided on whether they should buy the CD^32. 
Most of them stated that they would rather purchase the CD-ROM as an 
addition to their existing platform (A1200 or A4000). Quite a few have 
the "wait and see" attitude. Some being afraid that the CD^32 might 
turn out to take the same path as the CDTV did.

    Yes      : 23%
    No       : 40%
    Maybe    : 30%
    No answer:  7%

13. How often do you read Amiga Report?

Looks like we're gaining popularity! Good! Alot of the kudos here goes 
to all of you. You read the mag, but you all make the magazine too!

14. What would you like to see in Amiga Report?

Alot of suggestions came in. I'll post some of the most requested 
here. This next year we should be taking some of you requests and 
putting it into AR.

    #1 - Hints and Tips column.
    #2 - More news from Europe and elsewhere.
    #3 - More PICTURES!!
    #4 - Less news about other platforms (but still keep anything that 
         might be important for the readers to know).
    #5 - Programming articles (C and ARexx was suggested).
    #6 - Technical articles.
    #7 - Cross comparison on various products.
    #8 - More news from Commodore!
    #9 - CBM stock quotes.
   #10 - More software/hardware reviews.

15. Do you prefer the AmigaGuide style, or should we go back to simple
    ASCII text?

AmigaGuide won out!! For many reasons, from simplicity to use to 
"it feels more like a mag".

    AmigaGuide: 83%
    ASCII     :  8%
    No answer :  7%


Alot of comments came in as well. I read each and every one. I'll 
be making sure that Rob, our editor gets to read them as well! It 
was fantastic doing this survey...maybe we'll do another one next 

A happy New Year to you all!!!