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                        » Recall V2.1 available! «






   Ketil Hunn



  A program to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries and other important
  events.  It is an easy-to-use, intuition-based utility for the


 - keeps track of the remaining days to important events
 - keeps track of the days since important events happened
 - automatically start programs depending on the date and time
 - be reminded every # day (e.g. every 14th day)
 - be reminded # days before or after the event
 - be reminded once a day, every time you reboot, before or after a certain
   date, before or after a certain hour or minute
 - be reminded about events until you acknowledge them
 - be reminded with requesters, alerts or  practically anything that can be
   displayed on an Amiga-monitor
 - display unlimited  lines  of  text  in  the  same  requester/alert (only
   limited by the screen's resolution and memory)
 - group different events in the same requester or alert
 - keep a simple database of the birthdays of family and friends
 - let your Amiga keep track of how  old  people are by insterting the date
   of birth in the middle of the string  where you want to display the age
   (E.g. the text "Adam is {080570} years today" will be displayed as "Adam
   is 23 years today".)
 - make advanced events which are  displayed  for example after 21:00 every
   3rd day the  first  7  days  of  every  2nd month the next 4 years
 - combine all of the attributes mentioned above in the same event
 - enter these events in an easy-to-use environment and without the need of
   programming-knowledge, just by entering the  desired text and pressing a
   few buttons


 These are the changes since V2.0:

- All  binaries  and  the  installation-script  are localized.  English,
  german and norwegian catalogs are included.
- Recall speeded up 30%!!!
- All binaries have reduced in size! Rewritten to use tiny ROM-routines!
- Postponing events!  If you put off an  event, it will keep nagging you
  until you acknowledge it!
- Updating event's attributes is now speeded up in Preferences.
- Safer IFF-saving.
- Settings menu-item: Confirm executables?
- Recall requesters now state the  current  date  in their titles.  Uses
  the selected dateformat.
- Recall uses less memory than before!
- Rearranged the GUI a little:  The date and time are separated from the
  text-group, the getfile-gadget now  uses  the button-background set in
- The  day-of-the-month  gadgets  are  now   of  BOOL  type  (like  Time
- The calendar can now be controlled from the keyboard.
- Various bug fixes.


   OS 2.04 or higher. The binaries will take advantage of Kickstart 3.0 and
   68020+ processors if found.
   OS 2.1 or higher for localization.
   MUI V1.4 or higher.
   Harddisk is recommended for unpacking the complete distribution.

HOST NAMES                            (Finland)

     Aminet. Several sites are available, for instance:       (Scandinavia)     (Germany)    (USA)

DIRECTORY /pub/amiga/utilities
     aminet:       /pub/aminet/os20/util


   RecallV21.lha      LHA-Archive


   The Recall package is freely distributable, as long as the archive is
   not modified.