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   QuickNet(TM) - Fast Peer-to-Peer Networking System for the Amiga


   Resource Management Force Pty Ltd
   70-74 May Street
   St Peters  NSW  2044

   Tel: +61 2 550 4244
   Fax: +61 2 550 4284

   EMAIL: cbmaus!rmf!


   Neil Dugan
   Daniel Koch
   Norman Pakes


   QuickNet is a proprietry AmigaDOS-based networking system, using both
   hardware and software, that has been heavily optimised for speed.  In
   brief, it has the following major features:

   * IEEE 802.3 standard compatible.

   * Thick Ethernet, Thin Ethernet (Co-axial) and Twisted Pair compatible.

   * Versions include Zorro II (released), Zorro III, A500 expansion bus,
     A1200 trapdoor, CD32 trapdoor.

   * High speed 32 bit transfers with ZorroIII, A1200, and CD32 versions.

   * Peer-to-peer sharing of hard/floppy disks ram drives, CD-ROM drives,
     tape drives, and other filing devices.

   * Printer sharing and spooling.

   * Fully Autobooting! Can be used with completely diskless computers.
     Supports individual Preferences and user-startup files.

   * Fully WB 1.3/2.x/3.x compatible.

   * Supports record locking.

   * Supports ARexx message passing, for inter-computer communication,
     synchronised multimedia productions, comprehensive multi-computer
     applications and much more!!

   * VERY FAST transfers and directories.

   * Can remotely mount any standard AmigaDOS file device, including
     volumes mounted via other networks.  This allows you to bridge
     between QuickNet and Envoy volumes, or Novell/AppleTalk/etc, giving
     completely transparent access to volumes over a variety of

   * Comprehensive, easy to use software and manual.

   * Robust design (can break the network cable, add a workstation,
     reconnect, and continue, with minimal disruption to the net).

   * Automount on login of selected devices.

   * Machine independance - you can sit down at any machine, login with
     your user name and password, and get your own preferences,
     user-startup, default printer and mounted devices.

   * "Plug-n-Play" installation - plug a card into a machine, connect it
     to an existing QuickNet network, and instantly get full access to
     the network.  Installer script for new nets.

   * SANA-II device driver available Jan '94 (switch selectable between
     SANA-II and QuickNet).


   WorkBench 1.3 or greater (WorkBench 2.04 upwards recommended).


   Recommended Retail Price for the QN2000 (Zorro II) versions:

      Thin Ethernet (Co-axial) cable : US$299
      Twisted Pair cable             : call

   This includes full hardware and software.  Prices may vary slightly
   from country to country.  This price does not include any
   applicable taxes.  Please contact us direct for Australian prices.

   Also, contact us for availability and pricing on other versions as
   they are released.


   QuickNet is a commercial product.
   QuickNet(TM) is a trademark of Robert McFarlane Pty Ltd.