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                         QmodemPro for Windows v1.0

     Mustang Software unveiled the new Windows version of its popular
QmodemPro communications program during COMDEX/Fall '93. Called QmodemPro
for Windows v1.0, it is the first communications program to offer support
for both data and Fax communication in one integrated package.

     File transfers are supported using Zmodem, CompuServe B+, Kermit,
Ymodem, Ymodem/G, Xmodem/1K, Xmodem/1KG, Xmodem/CRC, Xmodem, or ASCII. A
built-in GIF viewer allows you to view GIF graphics files as they are
being downloaded.  You can zoom any GIF or BMP file, and even mark and
copy portions of the picture to the Windows clipboard.  Users can easily
upload files using drag-and-drop from the Windows File Manager to
QmodemPro's upload window.

     QmodemPro for Windows offers a wide selection of terminal emulations
including: ADDS VP60, ADM 3A, ANSI, Avatar, DG 100, DG 200, DG 210,
Hazeltine 1500, Heath 19, IBM 3101, TTY, TVI 910, TVI 912, TVI 920, TVI
925, TVI 950, TVI 955, Vidtex, VT 52, VT 100, VT 102, VT 220, VT 320,
Wyse 30, Wyse 50, Wyse 60, Wyse 75, Wyse 85, Wyse 100, and Wyse 185. BBS
callers will appreciate the addition of Doorway and RIPscrip to this
impressive list of supported emulations.  QmodemPro for Windows is the
first Windows product to offer support for RIPscrip, which is quickly
becoming the de facto graphics standard for bulletin board systems
worldwide, including Mustang Software's Wildcat! product.

     Besides offering full data communication, MSI has also integrated
both send and receive Fax support directly into QmodemPro for Windows.
Using any Class 1 or Class 2 Fax modem, QmodemPro for Windows can send
text files as well as PCX and BMP graphics files.  Cover pages can also
be attached to these documents.  Automatic Fax receive is also supported
and a complete Fax viewer includes thumbnail sketches, zooming, copying,
and printing.

     The phonebook allows you to view the dialing directory in a
traditional tabular form, or you can use the icon view mode to create a
true icon window of your online services, making it a simple double click
to dial, connect, and be online.  Each dialing directory entry can hold
up to five phone numbers, the default device, emulation, transfer
protocol, user ID, password, login script, RIP icon directory, and macro
file.  A note file can be attached to any dialing entry allowing you to
add your own notes and comments about the dialing entry.

     QmodemPro for Windows even allows you to review the scrollback
buffer while you're capturing information online.  You can customize the
terminal window using a variety of fonts.  The screen behind the terminal
window can be customized with your favorite pattern or wallpaper file
giving you full control of your desktop.

     Sporting a completely new Script Language Interface for QmodemPro
(SLIQ), QmodemPro gives you unparalleled power, speed, and flexibility.
Based on the popular BASIC language structure, it adds extensions for the
Windows communication environment and includes a Quicklearn feature for
creating scripts without having to learn the language.  It even includes
a compiler for compiling the scripts so they run faster and are more
secure.  A powerful script debugger and full editor are also included.

     QmodemPro for Windows allows you to take advantage of the Windows
multitasking environment.  Download files or capture data in the
background, while working in a word processor or spreadsheet.  QmodemPro
for Windows makes full use of the 16550 UART, Digiboard multi serial port
card, or any other intelligent serial interface with appropriate Windows
drivers.  Also supported are Interrupt 14 compatible LAN modems and other

     The newest member of the QmodemPro family now supports sound cards,
allowing you to assign standard Windows WAV files to certain events in
your communications session.  For example, you can have a WAV file played
when you connect to a BBS or when your download is completed.  There are
many events you can assign sounds to: connect, dialing, file transfer
success and failure, and many others.

     QmodemPro for Windows has a suggested retail price of $139.00.  This
product will be available within the next few weeks in the over 300
Software Etc. stores throughout the United States. Software Etc. has also
put QmodemPro for Windows on their "Reservation System" so your local
store can reserve your copy. To find the Software Etc. store in your area
dial (800) 328-4646.

     Qmodem, QmodemPro, and Wildcat! BBS registered owners can upgrade to
QmodemPro for Windows for a limited time for only $50.00 plus shipping.
Have your registration number handy and dial Mustang Software at (800)
999-9619 or (805) 873-2500 to place your order.  Please expect a 4 to 6
week back order for delivery, order today to be one of the first to
receive this program.

     Resellers in the United States can order QmodemPro for Windows
directly from INGRAM MICRO. The part number is 185415.  YOu can reach
INGRAM MICRO by dialing (800) 456-8000.

     Customers in the U.K. can reserve their copy by contacting
Telesystems LTD in London.  Telesystems can be reached at +44 494 866365,
FAX +44 494 866050, or BBS +44 494 891903.

     Customers in Scandinavia will be pleased to know that Swedish,
Danish, and Norwegian versions will be available soon after the U.S.
version. Please contact PC Security in Norway for additional information.
PC Security can be reached at +67 53 11 53, FAX +67 53 63 25, or BBS +67
58 33 58.

     Customers in Australia should contact Banksia Technology Pty. Ltd in
Lane Cove, NSW.  Banksia can be reached at 61 2 418-6033, Fax +61 2
428-5460 or BBS +61 2 418-7693.

     For additional information regarding QmodemPro for Windows,
QmodemPro for DOS, or the Wildcat! Bulletin Board System, please contact:

                        Jim Harrer, President/CEO
                          Mustang Software, Inc.
                              P.O. Box 2264
                          Bakersfield, CA 93303
                          Sales  (800) 999-9619
                          Office (805) 873-2500
                          BBS    (805) 873-2400

     MSI can also be reached via e-mail at, CompuServe
(GO PCVENA, section 9), America Online (Keyword = Mustang), and GEnie