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                CDROM PRICED AT ONLY $20 CDN (APPROX $15US)

(Calgary, Alberta, Canada --- December 6, 1992) The AMiga Users of
Calgary Society (AMUC) has just cut a CDROM consisting of the best
of what was on it's BBS. This CD-ROM is over 610 megabytes in size.
Production is complete and it is ready to ship.

So what's on the disk?  Since this contains some of the best on the
AMUC Express (AMIGA ONLY) BBS you can expect to find a huge number
of IFF and JPEG pictures, animations sounds, mods, 3D objects,
clipart, fonts (bitmap and structured), text files, programs and
demos from all over the world.  The files are primarily stored as
LZH, LHA or DMS files.

There is also a separate directory tree which contains minaturized
images of nearly all the pictures on the Walnut Creek GIFS_Galore
CDROM, useful as a quick means of searching for a particular picture.

There are FILES.BBS and 00_INDEX.TXT files in all the directories,
as well as long descriptions of most files stored in a separate
description file tree.

The directory names are a maximum of 8 characters with 3 character
extensions, so it is usable on PC based systems. The disk is an
ISO9660 format disk.


  The disk costs CDN$20.00 (Canadian dollars, which is about US$15.00
  at current exchange rates) plus CDN$3.00 for shipping and handling.
  We accept VISA and MasterCard so the currency exchange is automatic.

COD shipping:

  The disk can be shipped COD to Canadian addresses for an extra
  CDN$3.00, in the USA this appears to be US$5.00.  Terms: cash or
  certified check only.


  You can call us toll free throughout North America with:


  or outside North America call

(403) 242-2507   (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

  or you can send a postal money order payable to AMUC:

P.O. BOX 34230
#19, 1200 -- 37 St. S.W.
Calgary, Alta
T3C 3W2


  Orders will be shipped on a first come, first served basis.
  The CD-ROMs have been pressed and are ready to go.