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                          POWER PC - SNEAK PEEK!

                      Mac Report PowerPC Sneak Peek!!


Code named PDM, the bottom of the line PowerPC Mac has a 60mhz PowerPC
601 chip. Priced at around $2000, it has 8 megs of RAM and a 160 meg (or
230) hard drive and comes in a Quadra 610 type box. A built-in CD-ROM is
an option.

Carl Sagan

Next in the line-up is the "Carl Sagan" (who thinks up these code
names?). With a 66mhz 601, a 230 or 500 meg hard drive, 8 megs of RAM
three NuBus slots and an optional CD-ROM  drive in a Quadra 650 type
case. Price? Around $3000

Cold Fusion

Top o' the line "Cold Fusion" is based on an 80mhz 601. Priced at around
$4000, it comes in a Quadra 800 type box with 8-16 megs of RAM, a 230 or
500 meg hard drive,  and a CD-ROM drive.

Look here for more PowerPC info in the weeks ahead. If you've been
reading this column for a while, you know that I'm really pumped up about
CD-ROM, so here's some more CD-ROM PR.