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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

If all goes well, we'll have an in-depth look at the new CD32 in next
week's issue.  Someone in our user group is a registered CD32 developer,
and has received his unit.  It will be shown at next week's meeting, and
I hope to get some time with it.

Also, my good friend down in Florida is the proud owner of an Atari
Jaguar.  The game that comes with it (I think it's called Cyberdrome?)
is really neat he says.  I heard a lot of the sounds over the phone, and
the digital effects and speech sound really cool.

Word has it that Pagestream 3.0 has been delayed again.  The latest reports
indicate a release sometime in the first quarter of 1994.  I wish the folks
at Soft-Logik well, as this is an important piece of software for the Amiga.
We have so little truly professional software (aside from video and
animation), that something like this is very welcome.

The worst news is that AR will no longer be reprinting stories from
NewsBytes.  We had received permission from a NewsBytes representative on
GEnie back in April or May to reprint NB stuff at no charge.  Now that
appears to have disappeared, and they require a $50 per month publishing
'license' to use their work.  Since we are a non-profit magazine, we
cannot afford this.  I'm still paying $30-40 a month out of my own pocket
to run this, so it's just not going to happen.  I've tried to make it
apparent to the NB editor that we are non-profit, but they insist that
that would take away from their 'paying' customers.  For the record, sub-
scribers to GEnie pay nothing extra to use NewsBytes.  Portal users pay
$4 per month.  I don't know what their charges are on Bix or CI$, but I
doubt it's anymore than GEnie or Portal.  I hardly see how this could
add up to $50 a month, given that we just don't run that much of their
stuff.  Oh well, no great loss I guess.

                     Rob @ AR                           |/
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