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      From the Editor's Desk       Saying it like it is!
        CPU Status Report          Computer Products Update
   ImageFX and GVP Announcement    Arts and Sciences Contest!
   Amiga Users Group of Calgary    Announces a new CDROM!
 CBM-AMIGA has Full Time Openings  CBM is looking graphics engineers
    Amiga Envoy Now Available      Peer to peer networking software
       Online Conference           CBM Shareholder's Movement
         Online Weekly             The lines are buzzing!
      WOCA - Toronto Reports       The latest information!
     Big Fun on the Internet       With Uncle Bert
         UseNet Review             The Amiga Guru Book
          Reader Mail              The readers speak!
      The InterNet via Email       GopherMail
    Amiga Report Questionaire      Fill it out and send it back!
       The Humor Department        Jokes, Quotes, and Shameless plugs!