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*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date:  5 Dec 93 3:13:00 
*** From: Jon Peterson (1:383/25.0) 
*** To  : All 
*** Subj: FFish 1000th Disk Fund

Here is the list of donors for the twelfth week of the FFish 1000th
Disk thingy.

Jon Peterson 
Matthew L. Schultz 
Chris Nelson 
Asha DeVelder 
Marshall Freedland 
Jeremy Friesner 
Michael Phipps 
Darrin & Lisa Zimmerman (Amiga Un-Sig of Southern Michigan) 
Eric V. Peterson (Canada) 
Eric Zimmer Fred
M. Hamilton 
Michael Meredith (England) 
David Jennings (Australia) 
Gary Delzer 
David Gomme 
Gateway Amiga Club, Inc. 
Abilene Amiga Users Group
Rick Russell Niagara Amiga (Users) Group N.A.G. (Canada) 
Julla O. Kouppinen (Finland) 
Gary Simpson 
Robert Sudbury 
Jon Peterson (Asha's FF1000th Auction Check Pin) 
New Orleans Commodore Klub Amiga Group Wow, four donations this week alone!

(This is finally getting international.... Where's Hong Kong??)

Total donations as of 12/4/93 are $507.50.  Got a ways to go folks to
purchase the (?A4000T?). There is pretty reliable info that FFish does
in fact already own an A4000 (shoot!). Suggestions? A CD32 looks to be
the most popular alternative. Please talk this up with all concerned
(Amiga users) and pass the word on to your Users Groups. If you haven't
joined the effort, slip that hand into the pocket and pull out some
bucks, put it into any envelope and send it in.  Let's show what the
Amiga community is all about. Check over some of the programs you have
benefitted/are benefitting from.  Register them and/or pitch in for
FishFund. * Reminder to everyone PLEASE!!! Pass the word at any Users
Group meetings you attend. This should be a group effort on behalf of
all the Amiga users throughout the world. Please donate whatever you can
afford - or even better - what you honestly think FFish's work has been
worth to you through the years. You think speed kills?  Try apathy! 
Let's make this thing happen. Thanks. BTW, there have been some very
nice comments to/about FFish included in the envelopes with donations. 
As I have been saving these, think I will include them along with the
donation "pot"/A4000T when the time comes. Christmas is on the way for
all you 'Lil old Santa's helpers. Let's see if you can pitch in and
squeeze him down the chimney with something for good ol' Fred. As
always, donations to me at:

                         %FFish 1000th Disk Fund 
                              P.O. Box 2661 
                           San Angelo, TX  76902

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.../Files & Messages/Message Bases/Creativity - The Arts/PhotoCD and OpalPCD
12/6/93 16:34 83/4095 Harv

I was down at Creative Computers' store in lawndale yesterday and noticed
they had a portable NEC CD ROM drive connected to one of their demo
3000s with a Retina card and nice big monitor on it so I sat down to
see what they had in the drive and it was the Corel PhotoCD sampler
disk which has 100 beautiful PCD images on it amongst other things.

"What are you using to bring the PhotoCD files into the Amiga?" I asked
and they told me they were using the new AsimWare PhotoCD conversion
utility that comes with the 2.0 version of that company's CD ROM
driver software.

So I messed with the thing a bit. It reads in one or more PhotoCD
files tagged from a directory requester then converts each in turn
into an IFF24 file (with the output size selected in a pull dow
menu, the largest of which that was un-ghostable was 768x512) and
then writes the results to the drive one specifies.

The process of convresion is painfully slow. I couldn't fathom why
it was so slow. It took on the order of (guessing) nearly two minutes
to convert each image, and it didn't even display them during the
load > convert > save process. The 3000 had about 10 MEG of RAM in it.

Having just gotten my NEC CDR25 portable drive back from NEC's service
(it was flakey when I took possession of it a couple months ago) I
then remembered that I had that same Corel PhotoCD sampler disk in
my possession and that I had seen a freely distributable program called
OpalPCD on Centaur's OpalVision Support BBS but I'd never tried it.

So I tried it. What a difference!

OpalPCD (sorry I forget the author's name... pretty sure it's on
Aminet, and it's also on Portal in the Centaur/Opal vendor are)
performs pretty much the same function as AsimWare's PhotoCD
image converter, however on my 33Mhz 030/882 2500, the process
takes under 18 seconds for OpalPCD to load one of the 3 to 5 meg
PhotoCD images from that CD, display it on my OpalVision and then
a few more seconds to save it back out to disk as a 768x512
IFF24 file. Total of maybe 20 seconds to load, display and save...
roughly (guessing) 6 to 8 times faster than the AsimWare PhotoCD
utility. Now admittedly, my 2500 is a tad faster (sysinfo sez
1.47 x as fast) as Creative's 3000, but that wouldn't, by itself,
account for the tremendous speed difference in these two programs.

I'm no programmer but it seems to me that if OpalPCD can perform
the load/display/save function on the same PhotoCD file in the
same resolution in 20 seconds that AsimWare's program takes nearly
two minutes to do, AsimWare should go back to the drawing board
for some re-coding :)

I have converted, using the method described above, a number of
"swimsuit/lingerie" PhotoCD pics from my Corel Sampler CD, JPEGged
them with ADPro and put them in the Amiga Zone new uploads library

They can be viewed on any Amiga (preferably with some kind of
deep color display, but this is not an absolute requirement)
with JPEG loading/viewing software. A 24 bit RGB display like Opal
or Firecracker would be the best. AGA would suffice :)

These pics will eventually be moved into our Adult Pinups library.

Now here's a funny sidenote: Corel sells over 100 PhotoCD discs.
(See their ads in magazines such as "New Media"). One of these used
to be a Lingerie disc. However due to the pratice of political
correctness (ugh) and the complaint of a Corel employee, this CD
has been yanked from the market.

The Sampler CD original contained these sexy pics that I have
converted and uploaded as JPEG but the Sampler CD that I messed
with down at Creative, as mentioned above, despite coming in the
same jewel box cover and with the same disc label, was missing
these pictures. So apparently I have a rare, now "banned" Corel
PhotoCD sampler disc :)

There are a lot of other gorgeous pics on the sampler - scenics and
nature shots and buildings and such, and I will convert some of
those too and upload them shortly.

If you have an OpalVision and have or are getting a CD ROM drive,
you really owe it to yourself to try out OpalPCD. It works
beautifully and it's fast!


                             » AmigaNet News «

*** Area: AMY_TECH                                Date: 30 Nov 93 22:11:24
*** From: Dave Gomme (1:261/1147.5)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: C= advertisements, part II

     Remember a few months months back when all the ideas for MAiga
commercials came though?  Well, better late than never, I was sitting around
this morning doing a little thinking (where all my best thinking gets done)
and I came up with a couple ideas inspired by the recent slew of Mac

Commercial #1

[Fade from black.  Picture of an Amiga 4000 with WorkBench running, beige
cloth background]

"This is your average Amiga 4000 from Commodore."

[Switch to generic PC-clone on light blue cloth background with windows (maybe
generic software) running]

"This is your average PC."

[Same blue cloth background, from above (god's-eye view) show memo/one page
paper floating down in leaf-like action to ground.]

"This is an average document created with a PC."

[Switch back to Amiga on beige.  Animation of film-style countdown (5-4-3-2-1)
being shown.]

"This is an average document created with an Amiga..."

[10 (5?) second sub chase clip from SeaQuest.  Subtitle, "Created with the
Video Toaster and Commodore Amiga"]

[Fade to Times-italic "Amiga" on black background.]

"Which would you call a multimedia computer?"

[Fade in subtitle, "When you want the best, you want the original"]

[Fade in new subtitle, "The original multimedia computer"]

     There should be a message about being about to produce papers with the
Amiga in there somewhere.  I haven't been able to insert it and retain the
fluidity of the commercial.

     The second commercial would use the same format, and compare Video for
Windows with the full-screen 30fps capability of the 4000.  A shot of a clown
"clowning around" would be great for Video for Windows, and in the subtitle
"Extra hardware required".  Some circus music and a little "Woo-hoo" near the
end of the shot would work nicely as a soundtrack.  For the A4000's animation
the clip from Star Wars would be great (if the rights were available).  A
price point comparison would also be nice, comparing the A4000 with a
"multimedia capable" name brand PC without naming names, of course.