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Amiga Envoy


Amiga Envoy is the standard Amiga peer-to-peer networking
software developed by Commodore's Amiga Networking Group. Its
performance, user-interface and API are consistent with the
philosophy of the Amiga Operating System. Amiga Envoy provides a
simple messaging interface for the easy development of reliable
network applications. Included applications enable connected
Amiga computers to share hard disks, CD-ROMs, and printers
transparently.  Third-party applications can provide
functionality such as electronic mail, remote computer access,
multi-user databases and multi-player games.

To make Amiga Envoy available to end-users immediately,
Intangible Assets Manufacturing has licensed Amiga Envoy from
Commodore. IAM has produced a manual written by Dale Larson, one
of Amiga Envoy's original designers. The manual eases you
through the set up and use of a simple network. Additional
documentation will be available (at an additional charge). It
will explain how to internetwork with Amiga Envoy, how to
develop software for it and how to use its security features.

Intangible Assets Manufacturing supports the copies of Amiga
Envoy it distributes. Support is provided through electronic and
physical mail and by answering questions in such public forums
as UseNet's comp.sys.amiga.datacomm, on CompuServe, and on Bix.


Workbench 2.04, Kickstart 2.04, 512k RAM, SANA-II compatible
networking hardware (see COMPATIBILITY).


Workbench 2.1 or later, Kickstart 2.1 or later, 1MB RAM, Hard
disk with 300k free in SYS:.




List Price: $59.95 (2-user)


Direct electronic inquiries to:

Direct postal mail to:          Intangible Assets Manufacturing
                    828 Ormond Avenue
                    Drexel Hill, PA  19026-2604

To order Amiga Envoy, check with your computer dealer, or order
direct from IAM by mailing a check or money order drawn on a US
bank and payable to Intangible Assets Manufacturing. In the
continental USA, shipping is included in the $59.95 price.  PA
residents add sales tax. Outside of the continental USA, include
an additional $10 for shipping and handling.

Dealer and distributor inquiries welcome.


Any SANA-II networking hardware may be used with Envoy,
including Ameristar A2066, AmiLink, ASDG LanRover, Commodore
A2065 or A2060 and SLIP (serial port).

Additional non-IP, SANA-II compatible networking protocol stacks
may be run at the same time as Amiga Envoy over the same
networking hardware. AS225r2 is the version of Commodore's
TCP/IP package which is compatible with Envoy (through SANA-II
compatibility and close cooperation regarding IP packets). It is
expected to be available from Intangible Assets Manufacturing


Developers of any Amiga networking products or networking
compatible products are encouraged to contact Intangible Assets
Manufacturing regarding inclusion of their products in the
forthcomming "Amiga Networking Handbook."  We want to make sure
that Amiga users can find out about every networking product
that they may need. We hope to do this by publishing information
on all of the products that are available.

Applications developers who wish to add networking features to
their products are encouraged to contact IAM regarding developer
support and/or consulting services.

The Amiga Envoy documentation produced by IAM is available for
license to third-parties wishing to distribute Envoy with their
products. Custom documentation can also be produced for third
party networking hardware and software products.  Similar AS225
documentation is expected to be available soon.


Amiga is a registered trademark of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
Workbench and Kickstart are trademarks of Commodore-Amiga, Inc.
Envoy is Copyright 1985-1993 Commodore-Amiga, Inc.,
All Rights Reserved. Distributed under license from Commodore.
NetWare is a trademark of Novell, Inc.