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                 » The ImageFX Arts & Sciences Contest! «

Nova Design, Inc. and Great Valley Products (GVP) are pleased to announce
the ImageFX Arts and Sciences contest.  This contest seeks to find the best
in art, animation, and programming utilizing the run-away best selling
image processing/painting/everything package; ImageFX!

Grand Prize winners and runners up will share in the fantastic prizes
provided by GVP.  These include the EGS Spectrum - the top of the line
graphics display card, PhonePak VFX - the Amiga voice mail/fax system, and
the DSS-8+ - the premier Amiga sound digitizer and music editing system!

The Categories:

As the contest name might imply, there will be two categories for judging:

Arts;     which will include still images, animation, and video sequences
          created via ImageFX and/or CineMorph.

          Grand Prize: EGS Spectrum
          Runner Up:   DSS 8+

Sciences; which includes any programs or Arexx macros created for use
          with or in ImageFX.  These can be ImageFX demos, special effects
          "hooks" or any ImageFX-style modules, and Arexx macro scripts that
          recreate artwork onscreen as a combination of Arts and Sciences.

          Grand Prize: PhonePak VFX
          Runner Up:   DSS 8+

The Time and the Place:

The contest begins with this announcement and will close on March 1st, 1994.
Judging will be completed over the next month and the winners will be
announced at the World of Commodore/Amiga in New York City in April, 1994.

How to Enter:

Entries should be submitted privately via regular mail carriers or
electronic mail (Email).  Entries must not be uploaded to any public
forum or electronic network.  Mailed entries should be sent to Nova
Design, Inc., c/o Great Valley Products, 657 Clark Avenue, King of
Prussia, PA 19603.  Emailed entries should be sent, uuencoded, to one of
the following email addresses:

GEnie:          K.WOODALL1
Compuserve:     71021,2753
GVP BBS:        (215) 337-5815 / upload to the sysop

The Judges:

All entries will be judged by Nova Design, Inc.  All decisions will be final.

The Rules:

All entries must be the sole creation of the submitter(s) with no rights
being held against the entries by any other parties.

Entries must be new and original works that have not appeared previously;
either commercially or via any shareware or freeware distribution.

Artwork must not be based off of any copywritten material (eg: video,
television, film, print, or any other previously published material).

Programs must work with, or in, ImageFX and not rely on any other shareware
or commercial software in order to function once compiled or executed.  All
programs must also be accompanied by full source code.

All entries become the sole property of Nova Design, Inc., it's assigns,
or it's heirs.

Submitters, by entering this contest, grant Nova Design, Inc. and GVP
the right to use their names and/or likenesses for promotional purposes.

Kermit Woodall
Nova Design, Inc.