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 From: "Ricketts, Joel E.; EE-U" <RICKETTS.JE@SHOCKER.EE.TWSU.EDU>
 Subject: Addendum.

Just read A.M.I.G.A.  Is there a fund somewhere to help this guy out? 
The Chad Freeman Rehab fund?  Funny article, I have to admit.
No, I think that Commodore needs to re-market the Amiga.  Take 
whatever they're paying all the bozos in their marketing department, 
fire the deadweight, and then contract with a private firm already 
active in Amiga to do marketing.  Personally I think they ought to 
approach NewTek about it; those guyz have to have set a record for 
most free advertising for a single product.

I think the best strategy would be to re-introduce the Amiga.  That's 
right: anyone who already knows about the Amiga wouldn't be affected 
by it; they 'know!'.  But they need to give the impression that it's 
a totally new, totally awesome computing platform.  Maybe sell it in 
a slick-looking black case instead of white, like the NeXT.  Example 
Are you weary of Windows?  Do you think OS/2 was outdated the day it 
came out?  And have you decided DOS should be dropped in the dustbin? 
And have you ever wished there was something better!

                     You're not alone.
                  There IS a better way!
The new Commodore Amiga 4000 computer system is changing the way 
computing is done.  Instead of spending time waiting on your 
computer, now you can own a system that waits on you!  Superb 
efficiency, powerful processing and intelligent design combine 
together to make this the Computer for the Creative Mind.  So if you 
don't have time to adjust to your computer, get the system that 
adjusts to you!

      The Commodore Amiga 4000!
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For example.