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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

Not much to babble about this week really... the reports from the WOCA
show in Toronto are appearing all over the place.  This week, we have a
report from four different people who attended the show, so you'll get
four different points of view.

Meanwhile, here's a note I got from the man behind DRC:

*** Area: NET_1_285_11                            Date:  7 Dec 93 22:18:00
*** From: Douglas Cootey (1:312/18.0)
*** To  : Robert Glover (1:285/11.11)
*** Subj: oops...

       Please announce to your readers that from this moment until
March 30th, I will be awarding a free six month subscription to
every fifteenth purchaser of a Digital-Collage and Digital-
Collage24 sampler disk.  This is my way of apologizing for not
posting my address and phone number with issue 1.35's press
release.  This is one month earlier than was advertised, and is
available only to readers of your publication.

       These sampler disks are $7.95 for the HAM/IFF version, and
$14.95 for the IFF24 version.  They feature 10 texture tiles, and
5 full overscan video backdrops.  Digital-Collage also features
15 motion clips for use with DeluxePaint's(tm) "Move" requester.
Each month, we also take time to include tips and suggestions so
that our customers can better utilize the images of our
collection.  These tips range from rendering ideas for each
individual texture to palette considerations when using text with
our backdrops.  We are committed to be the best in the digital
texture field, and welcome all comments and criticisms.
Questions about our product can be directed to me, Douglas
Cootey at:


or we can be contacted by voice at 1.801.373.9579.

       To purchase a sampler disk, send a (US) check or money
order, including $1 s&h ($2 Canada, $3 South and Central America,
$4 Overseas) to:

                               DRC Sequential Graphics
                               57 East 400 North #9
                               Provo UT 84606-2987

       We welcome all your readers to join in our first year
celebration.  We're proud of our product, and hope to award many
free subscriptions over the next four months.  Thank you for your

                               Douglas Cootey

DRC Sequential Graphics <> Digital Collage24 <> 1.801.373.9579


Pretty nice of him, huh?  

Oh well... that's it for now.  All I have to do is figure out how to come
up with $900 to fix my car... <sigh>

                     Rob @ AR                           |/
                                                        @ @