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         » 24-Bit Realtime Animation Playback with Sound Support «
                              From Terra Nova

Magic Lantern is a program designed to create, edit and display delta
compressed animations in real time.  It takes as input IFF picture
and sound files created from other sources (such as DPaint, Imagine,
Lightwave, Real-3d, etc) and creates animations that run on various
frame buffers in up to 24 bit color.  Magic Lantern plays sound
effects through the Amiga sound chip.

Once an animation is created, it can be edited; such editing might
include adding or removing sound effects and frames, or moving frames
around.  All of these functions are accessible through a very
friendly, Workbench 2.0 compliant graphical user interface, and/or an
ARexx port.  Lantern also provides a means to create animations that
are larger than available memory, and a separate utility to play them
back from disk.

The ARexx port was designed to allow the user to do anything that
he/she could do through the graphical user interface; this allows the
user to create powerful, automated scripts for batch processing or
other uses which the developers of Lantern did not foresee.

Magic Lantern includes highly optimized assembly language routines
for playing back animations on supported display devices, including
frame buffers which store pixels in chunky format.  The program also
provides numerous compression options which allow the user to
optimize animations for size, playback speed or both.  Due to its
modular nature, Magic Lantern can be updated to support new display
devices as they become available.


· Supports the Retina in 8, 16 and 24 bit modes
· Supports the Picasso II in 8, 16 and 24 bit modes
· Supports the Opal Vision in 8, 15 and 24 bit modes
· Supports the GDA in 8 bit mode
· Supports the Amiga custom chipset, including all AGA modes, DCTV,
  HamE, etc.
· Over 10 different compression algorithms
· Synchronizes sound to the animation
· Can enforce a playback rate
· Hard drive playback of animations
· ARexx port, assembly language animation routines, breaks up
  animations into IFF components, much more.

Coming soon:  Support for Spectrum, Picallo, Merlin and EGS!

Magic Lantern is now available from Terra Nova Development for $95
(US funds, check or money order), postpaid.  California residents add
$6.89 state sales tax.

Send orders to:

Terra Nova Development
PO Box 2202
Ventura CA, 93002-2202

Reqirements:  Workbench 2.0 or greater.  One megabyte of memory.
Recommended:  Hard Disk, more memory.