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/// CPU Status Report                     Late Breaking Industry-Wide News

                      ** Sun to Invest in NeXT **

   Sources say that Sun Microsystems Inc. is ready to invest in Steve
Jobs' NeXT Computer Inc. It's reported that Sun will invest $10 million
in NeXT for 1.5% of the company's stock and access to NeXT technology. A
Sun spokesman told the press the partnership involves Sun investing in
NeXT's object-oriented software development, but declined further

   NeXT initially produced workstations that ran the company's NeXTStep
operating system software, but later withdrew from the hardware business
to focus solely on the NeXTStep software.

   Last spring, Dell Computer Corp., Epson America Inc. and NEC announ-
ced plans to ship products with NeXTStep installed. Hewlett-Packard Co.
also has marketed some PCs with the NeXTStep inside and NeXT's products
also have been backed by Canon Inc. and IBM.

                ** Micron Semi Intros 1MB SRAM Chips **

   Micron Semiconductor has announced engineering samples of its one meg
static random access memory (SRAM) chips for use as cache memory in per-
sonal computers.

   The company says the chips are available in 64kb x 16, 128kb x 8, and
256kb x 4 organizations. The chips use a center-pin power and ground
design Micron says allows faster operation and minimizes noise at the
higher speeds.

   Micron also claims the chips are designed specifically for cache me-
mory in workstations, file servers, desktops, and portable PCs, and will
be available in both five- and 3.3-volt versions.  The five-volt chips
are available in speeds as fast as 12 nanoseconds (ns) and the 3.3-volt
versions in speeds as fast as 15 ns.

           ** Microsoft Co-Founder Buys into Ticketmaster **

   Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, has agreed to buy a majority
share in the parent of Ticketmaster Corp, a leading computerized ticket-
er that serves 2,500 clients in 40 states, Europe, Canada and Australia.

   Paul Allen retired a billionaire from Microsoft in 1983 at the age of
31 and is a major shareholder in America Online, a computer-based infor-
mation service.

   It is thought that Allen probably has some sort of link in mind to
connect Ticketmaster's computerized ticketing and the tens of millions
of personal computers that can tap into it through Amercia Online.

   Sources say that Allen invested well over $300 million in Ticketmast-
er and will probably become Ticketmaster's chairman.

      ** Computer 'Unfaithfulness" Leads to a Divorce Petition **

   An Israeli man seeks a divorce, alleging his wife was unfaithful be-
cause of her use of "filthy computer games."

   Reports say the unidentified man said in a written plea to a Tel Aviv
rabbinical court, "My wife watches a lot of porn movies and what's more
she likes to cheat on me in her thoughts by playing filthy computer

   He added, "There is no difference between a woman who has a physical
relationship with other men and a woman who imagines it."

   The petition called the wife a "theoretical adulteress."

   If the court accepts that the woman has committed adultery, divorce
is granted automatically in Israel where rabbis have a monopoly on mar-
riage, divorce and burial for Jews, practicing or not.

    ** New York Computer Business Owner Arrested for Virus Threat **

   The owner and a technician of a Manhattan computer business have been
charged with threatening to unleash a computer virus that could potenti-
ally do $500,000 in damage to a New York business owner.

   Michael Lafaro, owner of MJL Design, surrendered this week to Nassau
County (New York) police for his role in the plot to force a complaining
client to pay his bills in full.

   The MJL Design technician, John Puzzo, was arrested Nov. 12 after he
removed the virus he allegedly installed at Forecast Inc., a video fur-
niture company in Westbury, N.Y.

   Police said that William Haberman, owner of Forecast, bought a compu-
ter program from MJL Design on Nov. 10, but after complaining to Lafaro
about its effectiveness, he made only a partial payment.

   Lafaro then allegedly had Puzzo install a computer virus and sent
Haberman a message saying that if full payment was not received, the
virus would destroy all data on the computer on Nov. 15. If that hap-
pened, the action would have cost Haberman about $500,000 in damages.

   After contacting police, Haberman was told to pay Lafaro on the con-
dition he Puzzo return to Forecast to remove the virus. When the techni-
cian did this, he was arrested.

   Computer tampering became a felony in New York on Nov. 1.  Coercion
was already a felony.  Each crime carries a penalty of four to seven
years on conviction.

       ** Ambra Targets Power Users With PCI-Based Pentium PCs **

   Ambra Computer, the US IBM spinoff launched last August, has announ-
ced a new line of Pentium computers based on the PCI local bus. The new
PCI-based machines are highly customizable, and targeted at the budget-
conscious enhanced or "power" user, according to Craig Conrad, a company

   At the low end of the new Ambra DP60 PCI lineup is a machine that of-
fers a 60mhz superscalar Pentium processor, a 340-meg hard drive, 8 megs
of memory, a 256k processor cache, a 3.5-inch diskette drive, seven ex-
pansion slots, six storage bays, a PCI graphics accelerator, and a 14-
inch Super VGA color monitor. Also included are MS-DOS, Microsoft Win-
dows, a mouse, and a keyboard, for a total price of $2,799.

   A high-end model, priced at $3,499, substitutes a 440-meg hard drive
and 15-inch flat-square monitor, while adding a double-speed CD-ROM
(compact disc - read only memory) drive and Diamond Viper PCI graphics
accelerator complete with 2-meg of video-random access memory (VRAM).

         ** Rebate Offered on ClarisWorks and Quicken Bundle **

   Claris Corp. this week announced a rebate offer on ClarisWorks for

   Customers who purchase ClarisWorks for Windows bundled with Intuit's
Quicken finance program will receive a $50 rebate directly from Claris.
The offer will be available in the U.S. through Jan. 31, 1994, when the
bundling promotion ends.

   The ClarisWorks-Quicken for Windows bundle is currently available at
Claris' authorized resellers for a suggested promotional price of $129.
With the rebate, the price to the user comes down to $79.

    ** Apple, Two Others to Distribute Catalogs on Compact Discs **

   Distributing mail-order catalogs on Macintosh-compatible compact
discs is the goal of a project dubbed En Passant being launched by Apple
Computer Inc. and two other companies.  Reports say Apple will distri-
bute its first disc to 22,000 homes and 8,000 businesses next month.

   Offered on the CD-ROM discs will be products from 21 catalogs, in-
cluding Lands' End Inc., Patagonia Inc., L.L. Bean Inc. and Tiffany &
Co., as well as Apple.

   The disc is designed to run only on Macintosh systems, but backers
says if the test is successful, Apple will design a similar marketing
system for the computers running Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating

   Working with Apple will be Electronic Data Systems Corp., which will
provide a phone exchange system for the venture, and Redgate
Communications Corp., which will put together the disc contents.

   ** Apple, Fujitsu to Work Together on CD-Rom Software Projects **

   Apple Japan Inc. and Fujitsu Ltd. are going to work together to de-
velop compatible applications for Apple's Macintosh and Fujitsu's FM
TOWNS platforms, first by exchanging proprietary program data.

   Reports say Apple and Fujitsu also will trade data on the distribu-
tion of CD-ROM titles to foster a growing multimedia environment.

               ** Aldus Ships FreeHand 4.0 for the Mac **

   Aldus Corp. this week announced it has begun shipment of Aldus Free-
Hand 4.0 for the Apple Macintosh, a major upgrade to its advanced
graphic design and illustration software program.

   The software's new capabilities include enhanced text controls, in-
tuitive color controls, a streamlined user interface, extensive graphic
capabilities and multi-page layout functions.

   Aldus FreeHand 4.0 for the Apple Macintosh is System 7 - savvy. The
recommended system configuration is any Apple Mac IIci series or great-
er, PowerBook, Macintosh Quadra, 8MB of RAM, a 120MB hard drive, a mouse
or a drawing digitizing tablet with stylus.

   Availability and pricing Aldus FreeHand 4.0 for the Macintosh costs
$595. Registered users of prior versions can upgrade for $150.

                      ** New Macintosh Products **

   Here is a brief look at some new Macintosh products on the market:
File Clerk software, ColorScript Laser1000 printer, PowerBook 145B Plus
Pack, Americans in Space CD-ROM, new Adobe Typefaces.

   Nisus Software announced File Clerk, software due this fall designed
to make it easier to track down information on data-packed Macs.

   To organize and retrieve files, users navigate through a hierarchy of
keywords assigned to files, selected through pop-up menus. These des-
criptive keywords are pre-assigned to files using File Clerk. The file
selection list shrinks as more keywords are chosen in a search. This
list can be filtered by creator, volume and creation/modification date
as well. Once found, the file, whether text, graphics, sound or video,
can be previewed or launched. Suggested list will be under $100. For
more information, call 619/481-1477.

   ColorScript Laser1000 - QMS is shipping a $12,499 color laser prin-
ter, and claiming a price that is half that of competing products. It
features four-color 300dpi laser printing, color matching capabilities
and PostScript Level 2 emulation. It prints 24-bit-color images as
halftones, instead of as continuous-tone color images, with a printing
speed of two to eight pages per minute. Sixty-five resident typefaces
and 12MB of RAM are standard. Mobile, Ala.-based QMS can be reached at
800/523-2696 or 215/633-4300.

   This PowerBook 145 package, distributed through such channels as Cir-
cuit City, Montgomery Ward, Best Buy, Staples, and Officemax, combines a
4/80 PowerBook 145B with an internal Global Village Powerport Bronze
send/receive fax/modem and a software bundle. The software includes
Touchbase Pro, Datebook Pro, Macintosh PC Exchange, AppleLink, and Zterm
terminal emulation software. Prices in the retail outlets are expected
to be between $1,549 and $1,699. For info, call Apple at 800/776-2333.

   Americans in Space - This new CD-ROM turns your Mac into Mission Con-
trol for American space flights, allowing you to view crew photos, hear
audio clips, and watch video or animation of the American space program.
It includes over sixty minutes of video clips, including the last launch
of the shuttle Challenger, and more than 90 minutes of narration. There
are also nearly 600 images, including crew and mission photos and
artists' renditions of the space station Freedom. Suggested retail price
is $69.95. For more info, call 206/622-5530.

   New Adobe Typefaces - Twenty-eight new Adobe typefaces include
designs from type foundries such as ITC, Monotype and Berthold, bringing
the total number of typeface packages in the Adobe Type Library to over
360. Adobe has also announced the new Sanvito and Caflisch Script
multiple-master typefaces for the Macintosh. Multiple-master faces allow
users to modify many characteristics of the typefaces to suit their
preferences. Through December 31, Sanvito and Caflisch Script and the
other multiple-master typeface packages are available for $89 through
Font & Function, Adobe's recently updated type catalog. After December
31, Sanvito and Caflisch Script will be available for $185 and $95
respectively. For more info, call 415/961-4400.