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    #1          22-NOV-1993 13:46:28.94                         NEWMAIL

From:   IN%"UH9311@VicVX1.Vic.UH.EDU"
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I work with IBM's all day.  I use an IBM PS/2 Model 77 66mhz 486
with XGA/2.  At home I also have an IBM Reply 55sx-486SLC 50 mhz.
For those of you who are thinking of switching.  There is no comparison
between IBM and Amiga.  I have 12 megs on my work machine and it works
fine but it is definitely slow despite it's "fast" chip and SCSI-2 and
XGA-2.  Its an architecture comparison.  What is local bus but just
a modification so that they can run their bus at the speed of the chip
, this however after 3 or more devices brings your machine to a crawl.
Why switch?  Software maybe.  I personally wish for Excel for Amiga but
I seriously doubt it will happen.  The architecture of the Amiga with
its coprocessors etc make the machine of choice Amiga.  The operating
system is much better than Windows.  Windows stinks.  I had 4 programs
running and I could barely switch between them without major hard disk
thrashing.  Very slow switching.  Slow program execution. (many would
argue however, "compared to what." their aren't many Windows programs
that have matches in the Amiga world.)  DOS is at least 20% slower 
running under Windows.  OS/2 is ok but it still is slow swapping and
you have to have 18 meg to do anything then have 30 or so disk space
for storage to run.  Think about these things Amiga 500 multitasks
with floppies and 512k better than my IBM 486-66mhz in Windows or OS/2
with 12-megs and 300meg hd with XGA-2.  It comes to peer pressure I
guess, but remember Windows is new to the average user many using
Windows still exit programs before running another because it slows
the system down.  IBMers are new to GUI's and Multitasking they think
Windows is great.  Show them your machine and tell them the specs.
a 68000 machine that came out a little after the AT still works as
great in the OS as Windows or OS/2 (Forget NT they're pushing it as a
client server not an OS.  Disk I/O great everything else rates like OS/2)

Shane Bumpurs
IBM Worker
with Amiga 4000 dreams