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/// Internet Mail to Commercial Systems
    by Robert Niles

Whether you are part of one of the major commercial systems, like
Compuserve, Delphi, Portal, America Online, etc., it helps to know 
that you can communicate with friends, relatives, and associates no 
matter what online service they are on ...or you are on.

If you have access to Internet email, whether you are on a commercial
system, or not. Then you can send email to most anyone on one of the
larger systems.

Here's information on how to send mail to the commercial services:

 - America Online (AOL)

Users on AOL, PC-Link, or Promenade can be accessed using their
screen name as the username and adding as the domain.
For example: User "Robin F" would recieve mail addressed to

 - AppleLink

AppleLink users can be addressed via internet email as:

 - AT&TMail

Send to:

 - BIX (Byte Information Exchange)

Simply send email to

 - Compuserve

The most commen way to send mail to a user on Compuserve is to
simply change their account number containing a comma to the same
number but containing a period (Compuserve users have a "user ID"
usually in the format of something like xxxxx,yyy, such as
78422,482) and add


 - Delphi

Sending mail to a user on Delphi is quite simple. Simply add

 - GEnie

Simply append to the username, ie:

 - MCIMail

MCI has three addressing structures. Knowing the format of
the receipient's online name helps

 - Portal Communications

For the most part you can easily send mail to a user at Portal
by using the following convention:  (ie:

At times a user does not frequent the "Online" system, but instead
uses the Portal Shell. To send mail to a user on the shell send to:  (ie:

 - SprintMail

SprintMail was supposedly going through some changes. So the format
to them is not certain. I called SprintMail and talked with
one of their representatives. He didn't know, and told me I might
want to talk to someone who manages the Internet. I talked to someone
there and they weren't sure. I'll do some more fishing around and see
what I can come up with.

For information on how to send email from a commercial system to
another, or any other site on the internet, contact the customer
representatives on your system.

Special thanks to the authors of:

!%@:: A Directory of Electronic Mail Addressing and Networks
By Donnalyn Frey and Rick Adams
Published by O'Reilly and Associates, Inc.