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/// From the Editor's Desk                        "Saying it like it is!"

We have a new writer this week, who will hopefully become a regular face
around here.  Brian Gawor is the author of our new Zen and the Art of
Desktop Publishing.  It's a very entertaining and informative article.
Even if you don't get into DTP, you should read it.  It's good!

I'd still like to find a few more people interested in regular, or semi-
regular contributions.  I welcome all submissions, so if you have something
you've written, or something you'd like to write, drop me a note.  I'd
like to hear from you!

The Commodore Shareholder Movement is moving right along.  You'll find a
short update from Mike Levin.  Please take a look at it, and pass this info
along to everyone you can.  We'll be having more updates as they become
available!  Remember, get this information out.  If we act together, we can
force Gould and Ali out and turn Commodore into a respectable company again.

I was in Software Etc the other day, and happened to ask the manager if
they had any plans on carrying CD32.  He flatly said NO.  He says Commodore
is a bad business risk.  Same with Atari.  They also have no intention of
carrying the Jaguar.  I can understand them not wanting to carry an Atari
product.  Remember the Lynx?  Well, everybody was carrying it at first --
Toys R Us, Software Etc, Babbages, Electronics Boutique, etc.  Then Atari
decided to cut the price way down, and left everybody with overpriced units
they couldn't sell.  Dealers had to take a big loss to get rid of them, and
swore never again.  Furthermore, the computer dealers have been screwed
again.  Atari has discontinued all Falcon development, and all efforts are
going into Jaguar.  So their 'magnificant' (yeah right) Falcon is sitting
high and dry until Jaguar is out the door in force, which is sometime in
January (maybe).  I feel really sorry for people that have bought Falcons.
And I'm sure glad there's more support for the Amiga!

But anyway, the manager at Software Etc did venture to say that if CD32 and
Jaguar sell well in the USA, they will consider picking up the lines.

                     Rob @ AR                           |/
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