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    HP48 GROB Saver Module for ImageFX
    Version 1.03


    Greg Simon


    This program converts the ImageFX storage buffer to Hewlett Packard
    'GROBS.'  GROBs (Graphic Objects) are the memory storage format for
    the HP48 series calculators.  An image, once in this form, can be
    downloaded onto a HP48 calculator, and displayed at will on the LCD
    screen.  This allows one to create diagrams, graphics, or just view
    your favorite *.gif (1 plane only) on any HP48 calculator.

    This program works ONLY with ImageFX's storage buffer; an independant
    version is most likely to follow.


    - ImageFX, any version
    - Hewlett Packard HP48 Calculator( S, SX, G, GX )
    - Any Amiga which runs ImageFX can use this saver module.

    If you want to download the image to your calculator, you need
    a terminal program, and an HP48 cable.


    Aminet: ( /gfx/misc/IFX_GROBsaver10.lha


    Greg Simon  (814) 898 6965

    2 Kingswoods Drive
    New Hope, PA 18938    (215) 862 3339