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/// The Great Amiga Report Questionaire
    by Robert Niles (and Amiga Report)

Well to help end this "Amiga Report" year, AR would like to conduct
a survey. This will help us find out a little bit more about our
readers and the Amiga community in general.

If you could just take a moment, please fill out the questionaire and
send it to

All replies will be kept confidential.

------The Questionaire------------------------------------

1.  How old are you?

2.  What AMIGA computer(s) do you own?

3.  What other computers do you own?

4.  What external peripherals do you have?

5.  What internal peripherals do you have? (modems, RAM, video, etc)

6.  What do you do for a living? (job, student, nothing, etc.)

7.  Do you use your Amiga in a business?

8.  What do you primarily use your Amiga for? (games, educational, bbs, etc.)

9.  What would you really like to see made for the Amiga? Either, hardware,
    software, etc.

10. Name one of your most liked pieces of Hardware that you have with 
    your Amiga.

11. Name one of your most liked pieces of Software that you have with
    your Amiga.

12. Would you buy the Amiga CD32?

13. How often do you read Amiga Report?

14. What would you like to see in Amiga Report?

15. Do you prefer the AmigaGuide style, or should we go back to simple
    ASCII text?


Thanks for completing the survey. We'll gather all responces and post
them in the last issue of this year's Amiga Report.