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         » DRC Sequential Graphics Announces Anniversary Special «

(22 November 1993 --- Provo, UT)  DRC Sequential Graphics, producer of
the DigitalCollage and DigitalCollage24 monthly texture tile and video
backdrop services, has been serving the professional Amiga community with 
its affordable and high quality images for one year this January.  To 
commemorate this occasion, we will award a free six month subscription to 
every fifteenth customer who purchases a sampler disk from January 1, 1994 
to March 31, 1994.  The selected customers will have their choice of 
either DigitalCollage, the HAM/IFF version, or DigitalCollage24, the 
JPEGged 24-bit version, according to which version of our sampler disks 
they purchased.

We will also begin complimentary subscriptions to various Amiga trade
magazines so that more people can be made aware of the wonderful service
we offer for Amiga desktop videographers and 3D renderers.  Through
reviews and related articles, as well as professional customer input, we
hope to refine our images and put our product at the forefront of the
digital imaging frontier.

We are very confident of our product's quality and welcome any reviews
you may wish to write about it.  Our monthly collections have featured
both seamless and real world textures from brick to copper ore, as well
as a variety of cloths, organics, and artificial textures.  In the
months to come we will be featuring 24-bit fractal textures and
backdrops produced with FractalPro, as well as floral wedding backdrops
done with a painter's touch.  Take a look for yourself and see the
product that impressed the makers of FractalPro and Aladdin4D, as well
as our many customers across North America.  Please address all
questions and requests to Robyn Cootey, our Customer Support Manager. 
She can provide you with the materials you may need as well as answer
any questions you may have regarding our company.