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                        Attention Computer Artists
                   Earn Extra Income In Your Spare Time

DigiVideo, the world's first purely digital production xfacility,
needs computer artists skilled in one or more of the following

     1.  3-D Rendering (Still pictures and animations)
     2.  Quicktime Animation/Editing
     3.  Music Composition
     4.  2-D Animation
     5.  Adobe Photoshop Image Editing

All work is to be completed on your computer equipment.  Files
will be exchanged via InterNet FTP, FSP or E-Mail or via MODEM
to our BBS.

If interested, send e-mail to (please be sure
to list areas that you are skilled in) or send samples of your
work to Matthew Grossman - Technical Director, DigiVideo, 5620
North Kolb Road, Suite 162, Tucson, Arizona 85715.

Acceptable Formats for Samples:

   Mac (400K/800K/1.44M), MS-DOS (740K/1.44M) or
      Amiga (880K) disk.
   PICT, TIFF, GIF, Mac PhotoShop, JPEG or IFF graphics
   QuickTime, MPEG, Amiga ANIM animation formats.
   Macintosh SoundEdit, AIFF, Amiga IFF, SoundTracker MOD
      sound formats.
   Audio cassette.
   NTSC S-VHS, VHS, 8mm, Hi8 video tape.
   Hardcopy (paper) printouts.

Please pass this information on to your local users group.