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/// The Humor Department           Jokes, Quotes, Insults, Shameless Plugs

*** Area: OMAHA                                   Date: 14 Nov 93 13:10:06
*** From: Jack Winslade 
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Observed at Walgreen's  ;-)

Conversation at drug-store check-out.
Customer places various items on check-out counter, including such things
as Ny-Quill, Contac, Sudafed, Vick's Vap-O-Rub, Advil, Day-Quill,
Robitussin, Neo-Synepherine, Evening-Quill, Super Anahist, etc.
Clerk: {casually drags items across scanner and into bag} And how are
       you today, Sir ??
Customer: {cough} Oh, just fine. {ah-CHOOO!} {sniff}
I SWEAR it's true.  ;-)