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/// The Amiga Babbler!
    by Robert Niles


This week we changed our distribution site for those of you who have
Amiga Report sent to you via Internet email. For more information
click on this button -->  Mailing List 
Many, many thanks goes to Bob Caron for making the mailing list
available in the past...through his help we were able to reach a 
larger audience, and now I wish to thank Portal Communications for
letting us use their facilities to distribute Amiga Report. We would
have lost the abilities to distribute Amiga Report to over 300 sites
without their help!

This week we also have the "Great Amiga Report Questionaire". If you
all could please take just a little bit of your time and answer these
question, and then send it back to me it would be fantastic. Basically
we want to find out a little bit about you...the Amiga User. What do you
have, what are you using the Amiga for, what would you like to see. We'll
have the results of the survey and put it in our last issue of Amiga Report
for this year.

On other fronts....

I talked to Supra Corporation the other day, and asked them a few questions
on what we might be seeing from them in the near future.

My first question was about the V.Fast (Vee Dot Fast) standard, and if
they were planning on adding this to their line of modems. 

The answer was yes ....but.... since the commitee that is setting up
the standard is not quite finished, it will still be a while...we will
not probably see it until the fall of 1994 or later. But Supra is
planning on creating a modem using an interim standard. It which should
work and act much like the final V.Fast will. The expect to have this out
somewhere in the spring or late summer.

Will there be voice compatabilities for the Amiga using a Supra?
Well ...he said "YES". They have brought this out for the MacIntosh
already, and he said that they will have it and it will be available
in conjunction with the MS-DOS version or shortly thereafter. He wasn't
able to give a specific time frame.

The last question I had was about the possibility for an internal
14.4 baud modem. The answer on that was a pretty big "No". He stated
that on the internal 2400 baud modems (the 2400zi and 2400zi plus),
they sold poorly. So poorly in fact that they sold more HD controllers
and hard drives than they ever did the internal 2400 a huge
margin. He said that the only way they might even concider creating
an internal 14.4 is if CBM changed their outlook on how to market
the Amiga and help create a larger user base.

Kinda sad, but I can't blame them.

Did any of you read Mike Royko's (Chicago Tribune) article on the
internet...well, he gave an account of what it's like for a
newcomer. From his accounts, it sounds like his host was Delphi...although
I can't be sure here, but I would bet on it :)

Anyways, he talks about his introduction to the Internet as only he can
describe ...the strange things he comes across, like World-Wide-Web,
Gopher, Archie, and Veronica. Which sounds kinda like Bill Murray meeting
the comics in Charlotte's web (Huh!??). He kind of understood and talked 
about the things we all see on our first encounter ...and the challenge 
we all face to overcome the first Internet hurdle. It may all be new
to us, but I have a feeling that soon our children will be learning
about all of this in school.  Good!