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/// QUADRA STR InfoFile                A true, cross-platform solution?
    Reprinted from STReport #9.47

                      Macintosh Quadra 610 Computer


Apple Unveils Plans for Macintosh Quadra Computer with MS-DOS- and

LAS VEGAS, Nevada--November 15, 1993--As part of its commitment to
provide cross-platform computing solutions, Apple Computer, Inc.
today announced it is developing a Macintosh Quadra computer with MS-
DOS- and Windows-compatibility.  Packed with the powerful Motorola
68LC040 and an Intel486 SX microprocessors, the Macintosh Quadra 610,
DOS Compatible version computer is being designed to enable users to
run Macintosh, DOS and Windows applications.  The company will unveil
its plans for the product today at Comdex, the largest personal
computer tradeshow in the U.S.

    The Macintosh Quadra 610, DOS Compatible version, which is planned
to be preinstalled with MS-DOS 6.2, is being designed to provide users
with multiple-platform options and protect their current investment
in software.  Apple's goal is to deliver a product that is ideally
suited for home office users and small businesses with cross-platform
computing needs.  At the touch of two keys, users will be able to
switch from the Macintosh computer environment to DOS and back again.

Users to Work in Two Environments at the Same Time
    The Macintosh Quadra 610, DOS Compatible version is planned to
feature dual processors, enabling users to work in both environments
simultaneously.  The Macintosh Quadra 610, DOS Compatible version is
being designed to feature a 25 MHz 68LC040, powering the Macintosh
computer environment, and a 25 MHZ Intel486 SX, which runs DOS or
Windows-based software.  Because the  Nobody home...dual processors will
work independently, users will be able to run Macintosh and DOS or
Windows' applications in tandem and even cut and paste data between the
two environments.

    Dual monitor support is designed to provide customers with the
option of viewing the Macintosh and DOS environments at the same time,
allowing the user to add the second display monitor without
purchasing an additional video card.  The Macintosh Quadra 610, DOS
Compatible version is expected to support most VGA, SVGA and
multisync monitors as well as the Apple 14" or 16" Macintosh Color

    Apple expects the same hard drive to run Macintosh, MS-DOS or
Windows applications and plans to offer an optional internal CD-ROM
drive designed to run Macintosh, DOS and Windows CD-ROM discs, providing
users with access to the hundreds of exciting CD-ROM titles currently
available.  In addition, Apple expects DOS and Windows applications
to print to any Apple- or Macintosh-compatible printer through a
built-in serial port or optional Ethernet port.

    Comparable in cost to most Macintosh- or DOS-only systems today, the
Macintosh Quadra 610, DOS Compatible version is expected to be priced
at a U.S. ApplePrice of less than $500 over the Quadra 610 model.

Upgrade Information
    A DOS Compatibility Card for Macintosh is being planned for Quadra
610 and Centris 610 owners to upgrade for less than $500 in the U.S.
Apple will provide pricing and availability information when the
product is completed and ready for release.