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    "The Music Web"


    First release -- November 1993


    The Music Web is an extensible, interactive, graphic-diagram
    environment for building configurations of elements to manipulate
    MIDI event streams (and perhaps other data).  Modules with specific
    functions can be `plugged together' by placing icons in a diagram and
    linking them in the desired configuration; paths may branch and join
    at will to form a two-dimensional network.

    This is a first release, with a limited set of modules, including an
    8SVX `instrument', intended for real-time performance (no sequencer
    module yet).

    You will probably be able to take best advantage of this package if
    you have some kind of multitimbral, multichannel MIDI setup, but it
    should be useful for even the simplest.  With more modules to come,
    I hope it can become one of the most flexible music environments

    A list of most of the current functions:

        MIDI IN and MIDI OUT (of course!)
        Loudness (reduce velocity value of a note event)
        Transpose (up or down by semitones up to two octaves)
        Key Range (pass a specified range of notes)
        Key Filter (block specified notes of the scale)
        Msg Filter (block specified types of MIDI messages)
        Set Channel (of events on that path)
        Delay (make delayed copies of note (and other) events)
        Instrument (an 8SVX-from-MIDI player)


    The Music Web needs the 2.04 or later operating system; it should run
    in a 1MB machine.  It really needs something faster than a 68000 to
    be useful (though it will run on one).

    Of course an essential requirement is a MIDI interface on the Amiga
    serial port.

    Documentation is in AmigaGuide form, so you should really have this
    on your system.  A plain text version of much the same stuff is
    avaiable on request.

    [NOTE: An inadvertent reference to `shadow.library' was left in the
    current installation sequence.  This is *not* used by the MIDI version.]


    Pete Goodeve (


    The Music Web is available for anonymous ftp from Aminet, for example:


   in directory:     /pub/aminet/mus/midi

   as:               MusicWeb.lha   (~230Kbytes)


    The Music Web is Copyright Peter J. Goodeve 1993, and is freely
    distributable Shareware.  Suggested donation $35 US.