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    From the Editor's Desk      Internet Mailing List SPECIAL NOTICE!
       CPU Status Report        Computer Products Update
      CBM Announces Loss        CBM's financial situation
   INOVAtronic's Text Editor    A Professional text editor
   Amiga Game Zone Magazine     A new Amiga games magazine
  HD expansion for A600/1200    Add a Hard Drive to the A600/1200
      Raggae MODs contest       Win some time in the sunny cool waters!
         Online Weekly          The lines are buzzing!
 Amiga Online Reference Manual  AORM - contact information
     WOCA Toronto Seminars      Find out what's going to be happening!
         Usenet Review          GPFax
       Famous Amiga Uses        What are we doing with the Amiga?
      Emulation Examiner        AmigaDOS for Dummies
       The AMIGA Rambler        November is Amiga Sysop Month?
        AR Confidential         We heard if through the Grapevine!
     The Humor Department       Jokes, Quotes, and Shameless plugs!