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                     » Reggae Mods Contest Announced «


     Reggae Mods Contest


     Bobby Stewart (Owner of Sandals Resorts & creator of Contest)
     Paul Cubillos (Partner in Contest)
          Comments & question are welcome


     Unique Vacation Inc.
     7610 S.W. 61 Avenue
     Miami, Florida 33143


     Have you ever wanted to go to Jamaica for a Sun n' Fun Vacation.
     Well that time has finally come! A good friend & I have created
     the Reggae Mods Contest.

     If you can find or create Reggae style MOD(s), submit it to me at
     my address or Email me for ways to transfer your entry to me.If
     you are creating a MOD for entry, we would like you to get your
     inspiration from famous artists such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh,
     3rd World, UB-40, etc. We do not want you to copy their songs,
     just use their idea or similar rythem as inspiration for your own
     creation. Copying songs is a criminal offense. Any MODs received
     not meeting the above criteria will be deleted from the running.
     Your entries, provided we do not have that particular file online
     already, will be put into a "Grand Pot" (Computer DataBase),
     along with your name,phone number and complete address, and any
     information concerning the MOD entry (Where you got it, author,
     inspiration, etc). All original works entries are to become
     property of Sandals Resort Hotels. I will periodically update
     everyone on Usenet of the progress of the Contest along with all
     entries already online.

     The drawing will be on December 31th, 1993. The winner will
     receive an all expense paid week in one of the four Sandals
     Resort Hotels in Jamaica (airfare not include) for themself and a
     guest of their choice.

     All Sandals Resort Hotels are all-inclusive resorts which
     include: unlimited food & beverage; wide range of watersports;
     group activities; taxes and gratuities. All Resorts are for
     couples only and located on romantic beach settings.


     All MODS must be in standard pro-tracker or noise-tracker format.
     Pro-Tracker and Noise-Tracker are MOD(modules) creating programs.
     The reason for this is that MODs will be used in a Scala
     environment, which can only use these type of formats. All MODs
     will be used for advertising commercials in Jamaica on a certain
     channel within the hotels compound.


     Depending on how many MODS are received, there will be a
     directory created on for allocation of these
     MODs. Meanwhile you should send all mail to me at: which happens to be my brothers account
     at Florida International University. Send me Email so we can
     find a way to get your MOD into the drawing.


     This contest is distributable as far into the network as