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 Amiga Game Zone magazine


 Amiga Game Zone
 103 W. California
 Urbana, IL 61801

 ORDERS:   1-800-32-AMIGA
 INFO/FAX: 1-217-344-3478


American Amiga owners will finally have their own Amiga-specific game
magazine. Amiga Game Zone will exclusively cover Amiga games and related
hardware from both the United States and Europe.  All machines will be
supported, including the new CD32, AGA, and standard Amigas.  Issues
will have full-color covers and will include numerous Amiga screenshots
and in-game graphics.  Amiga Game Zone will initially be published on a
bi-monthly basis, but plans are to go to monthly issues by summer.  The
premiere issue will be nationally distributed to newsstands and computer
stores in December.

Amiga Game Zone will offer the most detailed information and reviews in
the industry.  Each issue will have information on new European import
games as well as American releases.  Charts of the twenty best selling
games on both continents will also be included.  The December issue will
feature a complete analysis of the new Amiga CD32 with every available
title reviewed. Approximately twenty current games will also be reviewed
in each issue with a brief overview and a detailed opinion offered for
each game.  Reviews will include complete compatibility information and
an overall rating.  A special column will cover every AGA game released
for the Amiga 1200 and 4000.

Amiga Game Zone will clearly be the best source of regular information
for the Amiga games player.  Strategy guides will be published for the
top American games, in addition to cheats, level codes, and tips for all
Amiga games. Classic commerical and public domain games will be
featured on the last page of each issue.

Sample issues are available from the publisher for $4 each plus $1 for
postage and handling.  Six issue subscriptions are $24 including
postage.  To order by Visa or MasterCard, call 1-800-32-AMIGA.  Send
checks or money orders to Amiga Game Zone, 103 W. California, Urbana, IL
61801.  For more information, call 1-217-344-3478.


 Geoff Miller, editor
 Amiga Game Zone magazine