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/// The Emulation Rambler
    By Jason Compton

It's going to be a relatively short Emulation Rambler this month...I've
been preoccupied with trying to upgrade my system to a 3000.  But, I DO
have  some news.

1. First off, thanks a lot to the guys who have been sending me mail in
response to my call for benchmarking PC-Task.  I've got to get together
the programs first, but after that I should be sending them along...

2.  Second, here's something I got in mail from Mike Greene...

  "I found the following file a week ago, it was in a GENIE file
   library: included readme file:" [A lot of stuff saying you
   need to run the file off of a VERY stripped down IBM system
   configuration: this is the file that checks to see if Cyrix's new 386SX
   clip-on attachment will work with a particular 386SX]

  "I ran this on my A2386/25 and it came up saying I could use this
  clip on 486 chip.  So, I would assume it should work with all 386 BBs."

Can anyone else confirm this?  It sounds like for $200, 386 bridgeboard
users could be getting a REALLY good deal, especially if they bought
them for the $200 the boards were being wholesaled for when C= was
trying to get rid of them...even with a Golden Gate 386, it wouldn't be
bad at all.

3. Finally, thanks very much to Jim Drew of Utilities Unlimited, who
has pledged an Emplant to me for sometime near (before or after) WOC
Canada... I'm hoping by then I'll have my 3000 system to do some
higher-level testing, but I will do the best with what I've got to work

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me, please keep the mail coming,
and I'll see you all again soon.