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/// The AMIGA Rambler
    by Robert Niles

First off...I'm in NO way making fun of the Emulation Rambler - I was just
not very clever this week :)

Thanks to those who responded to my articles on using the Internet via
Email. I've been working on more, more of those type of articles for those
who only have email access, and some on the Internet in general. Putting
some of this stuff together takes a while at times, so I have to put it off
yet another week. BUT if you have any idea, suggestions, or questions, send
me a note at the address above.

How many of you call a multitude of Amiga BBSes each day, week, or month?


Ever hear that speech by the former President Kennedy? Well, I'm going to
distort it a little bit...

"Ask not what your Sysop can do for you, but what you can do for 
your Sysop"

Sysops are funny little things that hang out on the other side of that
system you've been calling. Whether it be the free access system in your
local area or the SIG mangagers at the online commercial networks.
Whereever they are, they go through (the good ones anyways) alot to bring
you whatever they can. At times, at a huge cost to themselves.

I ask you this. Do something nice for your Sysop. Make November the
"Amiga Sysop" month or something. Do anything from donating some money,
time, uploads, messages, or simply tell the Sysop 'THANKS'.

Most Sysops really do alot for little credit or recognition. It's time we
pay them back ...whatever we can.

On the last note, I've wanted to do something for quite a while. Next week,
we will add the "Great Amiga Report" questionaire. Simply put, it's just a 
questionaire about you. The Amiga User. What you use, what you do, what do
you use your Amiga for, etc. I'll compile all this information and feed it
back to you close to the end of the year. Basically to give us a feel on who
the Amiga community is, and what you're all about. Do me a favor and fill it
out and send it to me! I'd love to hear from you all!