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/// WOCA Toronto Seminars
    Reprinted from FidoNet

                 World of Commodore Amiga Seminar Schedule

Image is Everything: ImageFX in Hollywood and Your Home

  A discussion of how Warner Bros. Animation uses the Amiga and GVP's best
selling image processing ImageFX for their fantastic new animated show
Animamiacs! Exciting tricks, tips and special effects you can do at home with
ImageFX on your Amiga or EGS Spectrum equipped Amiga will also be highlighted
in this presentation.

            11:00 am Friday     (FR)

Dynamic Digitising by Rombo 

  As one of the worlds largest producers of video related multimedia products,
Rombo will be displaying and discussing their award winning Vidi Amiga 12 and
24 Range. Vidi Amiga 12, the world's largest selling digitiser will be
demonstratedto its fullest capabilities along with our newest releases Vidi
Amiga 12 and 24 Real Time.

            11:45 am Friday     (OR)
             1:15 pm Sunday     (OR)

All New Software from Axiom

  See the Canadian premiere of Axiom's Software's new product: Wavemaker, Anim
Workshop 2, and Pixel 3D Proffessional 2! Wavemaker allows any Lightwave 3D
user to make stunning flying-logo animations very quickly and easily. Pixel 3D
Professional and Anim Workshop now have all the features you've been waiting
for, such as full Postscript support and new AGA versions!

            12:30 pm Friday     (FR)
            10:30 am Saturday   (FR)
            12:30 pm Sunday     (FR)

Pagestream 3.0: The Future of Publishing

Learn how to create professional documents using Pagestream 3.0. This in-depth
presentation will cover all the features which have made Pagestream the number
one selling Amiga desktop publisher. Pagestream has the best interface, the
most features, and the best font and graphic support.

             1:15 pm Friday     (OR)
            12:45 pm Saturday   (OR)
            11:45 am Sunday     (OR)

Jim Sachs Presents Brilliance - Professional Paint and Animation Software

Jim Sachs will give an in-depth look at Digital Creation's new paint and
animation software - Brilliance. Jim is an Amiga artist that created "Amiga
Lagoon", the cover art for the Brilliance package and poster. He will share
some of his techniques in using this powerful new paint and animation package.

            2:00 pm Friday      (FR)
            3:15 pm Saturday    (FR)
            2:00 pm Sunday      (FR)

Add Colour to Your Life

  Video and DTP enthusiasts come to the Migraph seminar and see how the
Colorburst colour hand scanner and Migraph OCR can save you time and effort on
your projects. Scan 18-bit colour, 64-bit true greys, and line art for text
processing. For spetacular 24-bit images come and see the new Migraph 24-bit
colour flatbed scanner.

         2:45 pm Friday         (OR)
         2:30 pm Saturday       (OR)

Power Presentations: Scala MultiMedia MM300 and InfChannel IC500

  Scala Inc., will demonstrate the new features, utilities and new uses for
MM300, InfoChannel IC500 and Scala's new Echo EE100 editting cable. EX drivers
for products like genlocks, VCRs, 24-bit display boards, switchers, audio
cards, and support for other graphic formats will be demonstrated and
discussed. Multimedia on the Amiga has never been so easy, powerful and fun!

         3:30 pm Friday         (FR)
        12:00 pm Saturday       (FR)
        11:00 am Sunday         (FR)

Technical Clinic

  Commodore will provide a forum for the Amiga users to ask questions of
Commodore's technical staff. This is your chance to finally find out what
makes what and why! The seminar will cover the entire Amiga line, past and

         4:15 pm Friday         (OR)

Digital Imaging

  The use of the Amiga in digital still imaging. This seminar will include a
look at PhotoCD and software related to the processingand manipulation of
digital images. We will examine the various ways of dealing with image
transfer from traditional photography to the exciting world of digital

        11:15 am Saturday       (OR)

Keynote Address by Commodore Business Machines

  Lew Eggbrecht, Vice-President of Engineering, Commodore International, will
discuss future directions of Commodore.

         1:30 pm Saturday       (FR)


  The Amiga, bundled with related video products, gives the end user the
capabilities that once cost thousands of dollars more. Attend this seminar to
learn how you can make professional videos using your Amiga.

         4:45 pm Saturday       (FR)

Amiga CD32: Full Motion Video and More!

  This seminar will examine the newest member of the Amiga product family, the
Amiga cd32. The full motion video capability of the machine will be
demonstrated as will all of it's great features.

         3:45 pm Sunday         (OR)

   Seminars are subject to change without notice.