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     FLI Player v1.05       Plays MS-DOS FLI animations
       BootMan v1.0         Boot manager
 Magic User Interface v1.4  Object Oriented system for GUIs
      PhoneBill v2.1        Logfile analyzer
      AudioScope v3.0       Audio spectrum analyzer
       BackUP v3.91         HardDrive backup program
         EGSPrint           Graphics dumping program for EGS
          EGSDVI            DVI Previewer for EGS
         EGSShow            GIF and JPEG viewer for EGS
      FastCache v1.1        Cache for speeding up devices
  GadOutline library v2.4   Font sensitive gagdget layout lib
       ImageDex v1.0        Creates image index of picture files
       PicCon v1.02         Programmer's picture converter
       AGA SCR v1.01        AGA Screen Color Requestor
        VCLI v7.04          Voice Command Line Interface