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                    » EGSDVI now available on AmiNet «


     EGSDVI - DVI Previewer for the EGS window system


     This is a XDVI port.

     Eric Cooper, CMU, did a version for direct output to a QVSS.
     Modified for X by Bob Scheifler, MIT Laboratory for Computer
     Science.  Modified for X11 by Mark Eichin, MIT SIPB.  Additional
     enhancements by many others.  EGS port by Dietmar Heidrich


     EGSDVI is a program which runs under the EGS window system.  It is
     used to preview DVI files, such as are produced by TeX.  EGSDVI
     needs EGS version 6 or higher.  TeX is a text-formatting program
     by Donald Knuth for producing high-quality text output of
     articles, scientific papers, books etc.  DVI files contain the
     type-set output of TeX and can be viewed on-screen (for which this
     program has been written) or printed.  Public domain TeX for the
     Commodore Amiga is available on AmiNet and other FTP sources.

     This program has the capability of showing the file shrunken by
     various (integer) factors, and also has a `magnifying glass' which
     allows one to see a small part of the unshrunk image momentarily.


     Enhanced Graphics System Version 6 or higher.

     EGS, the Enhanced Graphics System, is a high-performance 24 bit
     true colour window system for the Commodore Amiga computers.  It's
     the first system that brings 24 bit drawin capabilities to the
     Amiga.  A demo version of EGS for the native Amiga chipset is
     available on AmiNet.  EGS is available for a lot of graphics
     boards, among them EGS Spectrum, Piccolo and EGS 110.


     AmiNet servers, e.g. (USA) (GERMANY)


     AmiNet:  /pub/aminet/gfx/show/EGSDVI.LHA




     Public domain.