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    From the Editor's Desk      Saying it like it is!
       CPU Status Report        Computer Products Update
     AfterBurner A4050/030      030 Accelerator card
           IPISA '93            Annual meeting for Amiga programmers
         RexxVar v1.0           Exchange data between ARexx and programs
         TrapFax v1.0           New powerful FAX program for the Amiga
         Online Weekly          The lines are buzzing!
 Amiga Online Reference Manual  Get those questions answered!
          SHI Retires           The US regional virus centers shut down
         Usenet Review          Hired Guns
   Portal Online Conference     Dave Haynie, CBM Engineer
      Emulation Examiner        AmigaDOS for Dummies
        AR Confidential         We heard if through the Grapevine!
     The Humor Department       Jokes, Quotes, and Shameless plugs!