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/// The Amiga Online Reference Manual
    by Robert Niles

What is a linked file? How do I make one?
What's the shell used for? How do I use it?
How does redirection work?
How can I create a network? Does the Amiga have networking capabilities?
What is ARexx for? How do I use it?
What is the ixemul.library for?
Can I run Macintosh programs on my Amiga?
Why should I own an Amiga? What can it do that other platforms cannot?
What movies or TV shows have been done with an Amiga?
Does Wil Weaton really use an Amiga? Who's Wil Weaton?

If you have ever asked any of these questions and possibly alot more, 
then the Amiga Online Reference Manual (AORM) is for you!

The AORM is a project taken up by David Tiberio of Area52. Essentially 
it is one huge FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document in AmigaGuide

AORM explains what the Amiga is, it's capabilities, how to use it, and
what it has been used for. It explains the inside of the Amiga, 
compares the Amiga so that you can get a good idea of what you 
have....or what you are looking for. It tells you what those funny 
files in your S: directory are for, and explains how they can be 
changed and customized. It even has a nice section on Lightwave.

It answers alot of questions that you have always had, and alot you 
have never thought of.

Installation is quite easy. Basically you want a hard drive, although 
it is not required, it will make things alot easier. AORM uses CBM's
installer, making the installation process much easier. Select the 
level of interaction you want, and then it decompresses the files and 
places them where you specified.

Once finished you simply click on the AORM icon and you are on your 
way. Trying to cover every subject that AORM covers would require a 
FAQ of my it covers alot. 

First is the Table of Contents. There we have Frequently asked 
questions, The Amiga Hardware, The Amiga Operating System, Workbench 
Applications, Top 10 Amiga Advantages, Using the Amiga, and Famous 
Amiga Uses and People.

Opening up the first section, Frequently Asked Questions, brings use 
to 18 more choices, dealing with AmigaDOS to Emulators to the 
Workbench. Clicking on AmigaDOS brings us to more options...which 
explain various items such as keyboard shortcuts to scripts. 

The Amiga Online Reference Manual is a must have for beginners, and a
definite 'should have' for advanced users. If you have a question 
about the Amiga, there aren't too many places to get good answers. 
AORM will help fill that need.