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     Village Tronic Marketing GmbH
     Wellweg 95
     D-31157 Sarstedt

     Tel: +49 (5066) 7013-0
     Fax: +49 (5066) 7013-49
     BBS: +49 (5066) 7013-40


     TrapDoor Development:

     Maximilian Hantsch
     Rene Hexel
     Martin Laubach


     TrapFax 1.0 is the first release of a new general-purpose
     fax software for the Amiga. It is designed to work with
     CCITT TR29.2 "Class 2"-compatible fax modems to send out
     and receive faxes. Faxes can be generated from any
     application that prints to Amiga preferences printers.
     Incoming faxes can be viewed in a variety of scales and

     The package comes with an extensive manual in either German
     or English. TrapFax works on all Amiga models under AmigaOS
     2.0 and higher, starting with 2.1, you can use a German
     localized user interface in addition to the English one.


   * state of the art fax software

   - easy operation and handling through Workbench
   - requires and fully supports AmigaOS 2.04 and higher
   - low memory requirements, works on 512k Amigas
   - easy installation using the Commodore Installer utility
   - compatible to CCITT TR29.2 Class 2 modems (e.g. ZyXEL, Supra,
     Everex, CSR, ...)
   - localization with AmigaOS 2.1 and higher
   - easy configuration via Preferences programs
   - uses the IFF data format for data interchange with other products
   - logfile: detailed transaction protocol
   - ARexx support

   * printer driver

   - generate faxes from out of your favourite programs (ProWrite, ProPage,
     DPaint, PageStream, ...)
   - supports all fax resolutions (204x98 dpi, 204x196 dpi, 200x200 dpi)

   * network aware

   - client/server architecture allows operation across a network
   - locking protocols to ensure 100% reliable operation

   * queue manager

   - sophisticated phone book management
   - delayed transmission
   - automatic retransmission
   - automatic sending and receiving in the background

   * fax viewer

   - display faxes in various scales and resolutions
   - supports all amiga screen modes
   - print faxes to all printers capable of printing graphics
   - aspect adjustment -- automatic sizing to adapt to current screen mode
   - automatic printing of incoming faxes
   - drag and drop fax icons into the viewer


     Hard disk, CCITT TR29.2 "Class 2"-compatible fax modem,
     AmigaOS 2.0 or higher.


     Recommended Retail Price in Germany: DM 198,- (German Marks)
     Special Introductary Offer of DM 179,- during the "World of
     Commodore mit Amiga '93" show (see OTHER).


     Commercial product.
     Copyright (C) 1993 by Maximilian Hantsch, Rene Hexel and Martin Laubach.
     All rights reserved.
     Distributed by Village Tronic Marketing GmbH.


     The software will be available starting at the "World of Commodore"
     show in Cologne (Koeln), Germany, from 5.-7. November 1993. There
     is a special introductory price of DM 179,- on the show. The authors
     will be present at the show, and will be showing off the software.
     They may be bugged with questions at the show, and appreciate their
     fans popping in for a visit. :-)