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                                   IPISA '93

           Incontro dei Programmatori Italiani per lo Sviluppo Amiga
                                 Third Edition

                           Saturday, November 20 1993

                                 Milano, Italy

  IPISA is an annual meeting autonomously organized by a group of people
interested in computer science, programming and applications of the Amiga
line of computers.

  The meeting is dedicated to the presentation and diffusion of projects,
experiences and non commercial products which have been developed using
Amigas.  As in the previous events, it will be possible to discuss research
programs or job contacts with people otherwise difficult to reach.

  The meeting, which is one day in length is laid out as a series of twenty
minute and forty-five minute talks.  During these talks the Italian
language must be used to communicate.  The proceedings consists of paper
documentation and software on magnetic support.  The paper documentation
will be edited by the editorial board of the electronic magazine AUGS

                               Conference talks:

                               Vittorio Calzolari
                 The Zorro bus and the AutoConfig(TM) standard

                       Ettore Caurla (Commodore Italiana)
                  The european Amiga Developer Support Program
                       CD32 and Full Motion Video module

                                 Stefano Iacus
            Amiga Census 1993 --- a survey of the world Amiga users

              Fabrizio Lodi, Reinhard Spisser and Sebastiano Vigna
                 Inspector, a new debugging tool for the Amiga

                               Fausto Passariello
                         A library of matrix functions

                                 Sergio Ruocco
                 Towards a Macintosh file system for the Amiga

                               Valentino Spataro
                                 Cornucopia BBS

         Conference proceeding papers (not including the talk papers):

                                 Daniel Barrett
                  10 Amiga programming tips for the real world

                        Micheal Cianflone and Neil Coito
                            The 2 Meg Agnus Project

  Papers accompanying conference talks are written in italian.  Related
programs and documentation on disk will be in italian and, possibly, in
english.  Papers from Daniel Barret and Micheal Cianflone are in english.

  Proceedings will also include other material and software tools, commonly
available to Internet users and licensed by respective authors.

  The Proceedings include printed papers and a four disks set, and will be
distributed at the Conference Reception, or sent by mail upon request.

The subscription cost includes a copy of the Proceedings and either
entrance fee to the Conference hall or expenditure costs of the

To attend the Conference or receive Proceeding by mail send L.  25.000
(about $15 or DM 25) before November, 13 1993 to

Ruocco Sergio
Via Di Vittorio, 4
I-20019 Settimo Milanese (MI)

  Organizing committee:  Roberto Attias, Vittorio Calzolari, Fabrizio Lodi,
Sergio Ruocco (chair), Carlo Santagostino, Paolo Silvera, Reinhard Spisser,
Carlo Todeschini, Sebastiano Vigna, Marco Zandonadi.

Proceeding Orders and questions