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                » Afterburner A4050/030 Accelerator card «

Computer Services Eureka
Attn: Frank Hoen
Kapittellaan 124
NL-6229 VR Maastricht
The Netherlands
Phone: +31(0)43-613742
Fax  : +31(0)43-619077

The Afterburner is a 50Mhz 4000/030 accelerator. Giving two times the speed
of the A4000/030 and adding a high speed local bus RAM interface. It has a
60ns 'burstable' Ram interface performance that's intended to be superior to
the A4000/040. The Afterburner clocks its 68030 processor as well as optional
coprocessor at 50Mhz. The 'burstable' memory interface and optional local bus
ram should more than double the performance from the original rams utilizing
60 ns rams. It's 32 bit local bus interface should be three times faster than
the original onboard ram and can be expanded to 525MB using highspeed (60ns)
32 bit SIMM's. A Kickstart image may be mapped in this 32bit RAM The CPU, a
ceramic 68030 has a fully usable MMU and the (optional) co-processor can be
of the PLCC, or the cheaper PGA type. Sockets for both types are present on
the board.

Software included is user-friendly auto-installing configuration software,
a benchmark program as well as testing software. Warranty on this board is
2 years.


An A4000 Amiga computer. A version for the A3000(T) is also being developed
And should be available shortly.


The Afterburner should be on display at the coming WoC in Cologne, Germany.
It's tentatively priced at US$ 599 for the entry model.


A high resolution JPEG image of the product will be uploaded to AmiNet. Look
for a file called ABurner.LHA.

           » Computers Tap State Department's Security System «
Travelers with a personal computer now can reach a new electronic 
bulletin board run by the State Department to get information about 
security or crime problems abroad.
Users of the board, known as the Consular Affairs Bulletin Board, or 
CABB, have free access to information from a system established in 
1987 to keep the internal business community informed about security.  
The system maintained by the department's Bureau of Diplomatic 
Security, recently became available to the public.
In addition to security information, the CABB contains data about 
emergencies involving American citizens abroad, entry requirements for 
Americans visiting other countries and travel advisories.  There is 
also information about visas for foreigners wishing to visit the 
United States, acquisition and loss of United States citizenship and 
international adoptions.
In addition to a computer, access to the bulletin board requires a 
modem and communication software.  After dialing in to (202) 647-9225, 
callers are prompted on the screen to enter their name, city and 
state.  No password is required.
Callers are presented with a series of questions about their computers 
to establish the best possible communications.  To reach the 
information, callers follow screen prompts to choose items from the 
The State Department says that both Consular Affairs and Diplomatic 
Security bureaus update the bulletin board every day.
Individuals with questions or comments on the Material provided may 
write the Department of State, Bureau of Consular Affairs, Public 
Affairs Office, Room 5807, Washington, D.C. 20520.