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/// AR Confidential                    We heard it through the grapevine!

- Hollywood, Calif.

  TV Guide reports that Paramount plans to head up its new TV network,
  which will debut in January of 1995, with a third Star Trek series.
  The new series is to be called Star Trek:  Voyager.

  The Concept:  The two-hour pilot opens with the USS Voyager -- one of a
  new class of small Starfleet vessles, with a crew of 200 -- chasing
  another ship, which is carrying renegade Starfleeters.  The pursuit at
  the Cardassian border takes the ships into a kind of Bermuda Triangle
  called The Badlands, where a strange natural phenomenon transports them
  to an unexplored part of the galaxy.  By the end, the crews are united
  on the Voyager where, lost in space, they try to work out their
  differences as they explore strange new worlds.

                         (Reprinted from TV Guide)