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/// Features List:  Real 3D Upgrade v2.4


- Highly increased rendering speed:
    - Material handling speed doubled from v.2.35
    - B-spline shading speed 2-3 times faster
    - Up to four times faster environment rendering

- Improved memory management, allowing much more complex imported
  polygonal databases to be shaded

- A built-in 3D-font loader tool

- New material features:
    - Fractal noise mapping handler
    - Fractal noise scope handler
    - Fractal noise bump handler
    - Fractal noise color handler
    - Marble color handler
    - Granite color handler
    - Alphabetical sorting
    - Auto indexing of duplicate material names

- New tool window features:
    - A wider collection of built-in icons available
    - A new dialog-based icon selection window
    - A "No gadgets" option available for tool windows

- The color wheel window available under OS. v.39

- Improved and more complete keyboard support

- Built-in conical spotlights
- Built-in cylindrical spotlights
- New light source attributes:
    - Distance intensity fading control
    - Spot-axis intensity fading control
    - Spot angle/radius control
    - Brightness control
- Automatic default light source in Shadowless and Normal rendering

- Create torus function
- Skin curve to surface
- Create parallel curve/surface tool

- Freeform extrusion tool:
    - Automatic bevelling with four bevel profile options
    - Adjustable bevelling radius and extrusion depth
    - Both inwards and outwards bevelling supported
    - Fully automatic: generates holes, adjusts bevelling radius etc.
    - Uses B-splines for the best quality

- Advanced tool for creating complex skeletonal particle systems
- Volume filling particle tool

- New, improved skeletons:
    - A new special skeleton primitive for better control and
      visual appearance
    - Joint friction enables natural motion
    - Editing of any skeleton point using inverse kinematics is now
      possible. For example, it is possible to animate a skeleton
      using several inverse kinematics methods, each affecting the
      desired skeleton point.

- Easy-to-use interface for editing physical attributes of objects.
  Tag-editing is no longer necessary.

- New object attributes:
    - 'No shadows' eliminates shadows from the surface of an object,
      increasing rendering speed
    - 'Bump shadows' generates distorted shadow edges on bump mapped

- Freeform curves can be used as trim curves to cut objects

- Circular bending: which can, for example, be used to bend
  a straight tube into a ring.

- Twist modification which twists objects around a given axis

- Shrink wrapping functions:
   - Parallel shrink wrap
   - Cylindrical shrink wrap
   - Spherical shrink wrap
   - 'Natural' shrink wrap to surface normal direction
   - These functions can be used to generate a mesh surface from
     geometric primitives, or to simulate Boolean operations with

- A function for changing the start point of closed freeform objects

- A function for automatically generating triple end points/curves
  for freeform objects

- New and improved functions for controlling a view window's
  internal camera. The most important of these are listed below:
  - A new, intuitive mouse-based camera MOTION controlling mode for
    view windows, enabling easy, interactive scene viewing
  - A new, intuitive mouse-based camera POSITION controlling mode for
    view windows, enabling accurate interactive camera positioning
  - Total and accurate control of all possible camera
    positioning/tracking  variations via the keyboard.
  - The same control-key qualifiers also work with mouse-based control.
    - Viewpoint rotations around aimpoint in camera/abs. space
    - Aimpoint rotations around viewpoint in camera/abs. space
    - Banking control
    - Aimpoint moving in camera space/abs. space
    - Viewpoint moving in camera space/abs. space
    - Panning in camera space/abs. space
    - 90 degree rotations

- A new center display function
- A new reset scale function
- Automatic aimpoint tracking feature. For example, when animating the
  a horizon plane correction is now used instead of the 'shortest route'
  correction used in v.2.35. This eliminates undesired banking.

- A new asynchronous window type for controlling views' camera
  attributes and camera object interaction:
    - Numerical and slider control of lens Scale and angle
    - Aimpoint and viewpoint coordinate control and reset
    - Control of Heading/Pitching/Banking angle by sliders and numerical
    - Distance control
    - Depth of field control

- A new camera object creation function, introducing a view cone
  based camera definition

- A new camera wireframe shape, showing the camera orientation
  and the lens angle

- A new input plane control system, enabling
  accurate perspective editing
    - Editing in absolute space coordinate directions
    - Editing in object space coordinate directions
    - Horizontal/vertical locking
    - Control of hot-point position and depth when editing
- A new, handy asynchronous control window for handling view windows.
  It includes the most frequently needed grid control, scale control,
  drawing setting control, camera control and input plane control
  functions as quickly accessible buttons.

- Grids are now drawn in the input plane instead of the origin.
  This is useful when using perspective modeling with the separate
  IO option.

- Visible coordinate system and view window coordinates are now
  seperate Drawing setting options
- Numerical, accurate window size control

- Animation frames can be used instead of absolute time

- Easy-to-use interfaces for creating and editing
  key frame animations:
    - Ability to adjust key frame positions in the animation using
      slider controls
    - Key visibility control
    - Linear/B-spline interpolation

- New graphical interfaces for most animation methods, including
  path, rotation, direction, sweep, size, and stretch methods.
  This feature enables easy and more accurate control over method
  parameters and their evaluation.

- More versatile method parameter handling. For example, a sweep
  around a point rotates the target in all directions, but a sweep
  around an axis allows rotation only around the axis. For example,
  you can now sweep a camera in 3 dimensions without modifying the
  banking angle.

- A new fractal noise based motion/spin method for generating
  irregular forces and motions like wind

- A time line interface for animation editing

- A graphical user interface for editing tag-based information of all
  animation methods

- The animation window can now appear as a window, not only on a
  separate screen

- The file selector is now available from the animation window

- New vector stack functions:
    - Lasso deselect
    - Push all points from the selected objects to the stack
    - Pull all points from the stack

- RealConvert can now generate B-splines from PDraw Clip files. This is
  especially useful in combination with the new freeform extrude tool.

All together, about 100 new features and improvements, most of which
are intended to make the user interface easier and the features of the
software more accessible.