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From the Amiga Tricks echo on AmigaNet

*** Area: TRICK_AMY                               Date: 28 Oct 93  0:16:00
*** From: Bruce Goodman (40:200/1.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: A3000T surprise

For all those who recently purchased an A3000T from Creative Computers, you
may have a nice surprise waiting for you. Try a High-density disk in your
floppy drive. You just might have a high-density drive already installed. If
this is old news to everyone, I apologize. But in going through the
documentation, I found no references to high-density drives installed.

The easiest way to check is to put the high density disk in the drive, then
format it. If it formats to 1600+ tracks, you have a high density drive. Of
course, you can get even more if you format using FFS.


From the Amiga International echo on FidoNet

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 30 Oct 93  2:34:00
*** From: Bob Wages (1:3608/1.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: CD-32 in CGW

Hey everybody. Just thought I'd let you know that the November issue of
Computer Gaming World has an article on the CD32. The article speaks highly of
the CD32 in comparison to Atari's Jaguar and the 3DO. But the author of the
article said some pretty rough stuff about C= marketing tactics. (Not that I
blame him of course.) He described their plan as "of stealth-like, atrophic
advertising).  But he still gives C= a chance to capture a "lion's share of
the 32-bit and beyond console game market". Quoting him again, "It's (the
CD32) is certainly the most cost effective alternative at present, and the
most expandable console device to arrive thus far." The article even gives
C='s address and phone #. (215)431-9100 for perspective buyers to call.

Also covered in the magazine were articles on the Jaguar and 3DO. According to
the article, the basic Jaguar system will be catridge based and sell for
around $200. But I saw a mail order add for it at $257. The CD-ROM drive will
cost an additonal estimated (it wasn't out at the time of the article) $200.
The Jaguar allows up to six megabytes of code per ROM cartridge. Cartridges
will cost from $39 and $69 bucks. Since the CD unit isn't out for the Jaguar
yet, I'd say this really sucks. The article shows a picture of the basic unit
and I don't like the way it looks. (Of course I'm biased as heck.) There will
be five (yes count them five) whole games availible at launch. All cartridge
games of course.

The 3DO looks like a black box with one port for a control pad. The control
pads are supposed to be daisy chainable, but if that's true, then the control
pad that comes with the 3DO will have to be at the end of the chain because it
doesn't have a pass-thru. The 3DO has no expansion module but one is promised
for the future (with an additional cost of course) from Matsushita sometime in
the middle of '94. The 3DO is exclusively CD and no price was given for it.

To finish, the article for the CD32 stated that C='s Amiga CD32 is the first
"32-bit game console advailible to consumers, and the only one currently
employing a double-speed CD-ROM drive. Retailing for $399, the Amiga CD32 also
debuts several hundred dollars below the 3DO and the Jaguar with the CD

It's been a long time since I've heard such high praise like that is a
magazine which is dominated by I*M and clone games. Hopefully, it's a new
start for C= if they get their arses in gear and push this machine heavily.
I'm calling C= and asking for more info on this machine and recommend that
they advertise more, more, more.


*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 29 Oct 93  1:12:00
*** From: Skipper Smith (1:114/146.0)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: InfoWorld 10/18/93

In the 10/18/93 issue of InfoWorld on page 70, the column "Down to the
Wire" actually mentioned the Amiga.  However, it is one that is not
pleasant in tone and I believe that it might be a good thing for people to
be aware of it so they can be a bit active in defending the honor of Amiga
user's everywhere (though not all Amiga users, since it is quite accurate
about some).  And I quote (without permission):

"And after a couple of recent less-than-positive columns on Windows NT
(particularly the client version), we've found that if there's any group
we don't want to offend, it's the NT fan club.  We haven't seen such
sensitivity to criticism since the Amiga.  We once implied that nobody
uses the Amiga as a serious business machine.  Big mistake.  We got
letters of outrage from every business user with an Amiga on the face of
the earth, and both of them were really nasty."

I don't, at the present time, use my Amiga for business, but I know there
are a lot of people that are.  Bombard the heck out of them for this
incredibly silly statement BUT DON'T BE RUDE!!!  Let them know that, while
there are certainly zealots willing to defend any machine, most of us use
the Amiga because we are intelligent, non-cattle like individuals who
happen to be able to recognize brilliance when we see it :)

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